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Greenlit: The Real Battle of Britain, BBC1

The Real Battle of Britain (1×60′) Ewan McGregor and his RAF pilot brother, Colin, are set to relive the experiences of young airmen in a bid to find out what it was like to live and fight through the most significant air battle in British history. The one-off documentary will be shown on BBC One this September as part of a wider season to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Second World War air campaign.

Flying across the skies of England, the brothers will get hands on experience of the fighter aircraft of the time; experiencing the excitement, pressures and strains of air combat. For Colin, it’s a chance to see if his modern jet fighter training compares to the seat-of-the-pants skills needed to master a Spitfire. Along the way they will meet some of the heroes who fought in the battle some 70 years before. Real pilots, radar operators and ground-crew will instruct and guide them through their own Battle Of Britain.

Channel: BBC1

Producer: Lion TV / Manray Media

TX: September 2010

Source: BBC


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