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MIP Online Screenings

If you didn’t make it to MIP this year (and let’s face it, given the fall out you are probably glad you didn’t) you can still catch up on the progammes that were pitched by signing up for MIP online screenings (for the princely sum of €390, which gives you access to full-length programmes until March 2011).

This year’s top programmes were:

  1. After Armageddon (AETN International USA);
  2. America The Story of the US (AETN International USA);
  3. America Before Columbus (ZDF Enterprises GMBH Germany);
  4. 2012 The Final Prophecy (Partenon Entertainment Ltd UK);
  5. The Birth of the First Lady (Terranoa France);
  6. Lethal Beauty (Vivavision Inc. Canada);
  7. American Jihadist (Java Films France);
  8. 3-D Mega Shark (Oesterreichischer Rundfunk, ORF Austria);
  9. 1755 – The Lisbon Earthquake (ZDF Enterprises GMBH Germany);
  10. Extreme Cities (Kwanza France).

Visit MIP Online Screenings to find out how to register.


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