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Inventors Hall of Fame

The National Inventors Hall of Fame has announced its 2010 Inductees  – people who have spawned industries such as video gaming, GPS time navigation, and recreational underwater diving, and also gave us pharmaceuticals and methods to treat cancer, and electric rockets to keep communications satellites exactly in orbit.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame 2010 Inductees include:

Ralph Baer
A  pioneer in the field of interactive video, he developed the well-known game Simon, a single-chip, microprocessor controlled memory game, introduced in 1978.

Yvonne C. Brill
She invented the small rocket propulsion systems used to keep geosynchronous communications satellites exactly where they need to be to align with antennas on earth.

Roger Easton
Developed the satellite-based TIMATION system that included key components used in today’s Global Positioning System.

Arthur Fry, Spencer Silver
Post-it® Notes – In 1968, Spencer Silver was a senior scientist at 3M when he discovered an acrylic adhesive that had unique properties.  Art Fry was a 3M researcher when he learned of the adhesive in the early 1970s.  Experimenting with it, he created the concept of Post-it® notes.

S. Donald Stookey
He invented glass ceramics, which heralded new field of research in glass; their hardness and strength made them ideal for many industrial and aerospace uses but are perhaps best known for their use in the Corning Ware® line of consumer dishes introduced in 1958.

Visit the National Inventors Hall of Fame to find out more.


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