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Greenlit: Britain’s Weirdest Political Parties, Current TV

Britain’s Weirdest Political Parties (1×60′) – From single-issue politics like The Voters Against Overdevelopment of Northampton to the hard-hitting ideology of the Fancy Dress Party, the British political landscape is awash with registered political parties we have never hear of. Every political movement has to start somewhere. Could the answer British voters have been looking for already be out there? Could Britain’s political future lie with The People Against Bureaucracy Group?

Channel: Current TV

Producer: Tom Barbor-Might

TX: 3rd May 2010

Source: Current TV

Current TV (Virgin 155/ Sky 183) is a  broadcaster of factual programming in the UK, US and Italy for an audience of smart 25-44 year olds. Launched in the UK in 2005, the channel is unique in commissioning both emerging talent and established production companies. As well as single documentaries, the channel will be ordering series and formats in 2010.


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