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Greenlit: The Door, ITV1

The Door – (2x special) – Six brave celebrities put their pride on the line and take on the challenge of enduring a multitude of tests, all delicately designed to instil them with gut wrenching fear, as they discover what lies behind The Door.

Actors Dean Gaffney, Louisa Lytton, Coronation Street’s Jennie McAlpine, Boyzone’s Keith Duffy join television presenter Michael Underwood and The Saturday’s singer Frankie Sandford as they compete against each other in the ultimate celebrity endeavour contest.

After venturing through the door, the anxious contestants will undertake challenges that will bring them face to face with their fears and assault all their senses. They will battle claustrophobic spaces, suffer shocks and have to cope with a relentless barrage of disorientating games as they battle it out to be the last star standing and claim a cash prize for their chosen charity.

Presiding over the thrills and spills is Chris Tarrant and Amanda Holden, who will be on hand to mentally prepare the celebrities for what lies ahead and provide detailed commentary from their insider vantage point.

By the end of the first episode, three of the celebrities will have earned a place in the final.

For the three ‘losers’, a long and terrifying ordeal awaits, during which they’ll face a series of claustrophobic, disorientating horrors, after surviving which, one will have earned the last remaining place in the final showdown and two will have to leave.

In the concluding instalment, the four finalists take part in two head-to-head contests, before the last two remaining celebrities do battle in the final challenge until only the winner remains.

Will the celebrities outlast the terror or fall victim to their fears?

Channel: ITV1

Producer: ITV Studios

TX: Spring 2010 (0n two consecutive nights)

Source: ITV press release


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