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Dreaming in Mono

McDonald’s has launched a novel new advertising campaign in Northern Europe, which looks more like a TV miniseries (McDonad’s doesn’t feature in the episodes). It consists of a series of seven episodes of a story about Nordic dreams and rivalries and stereotypes of the Danes, Finns, Swedes and Norwegians who are attempting to break the monoski record. The campaign is directed directly at twenty-somethings who simultaneously watch TV and surf the internet.  The TV episodes are being broadcast on four TV networks across the region and there is interactive content online at Dreaminginmono.com. They have cast some of  McDonald’s staff as part of the story and are promoting Dreaming in Mono throughout McDonald’s outlets.

Watch a video about the campaign:

Dreaming In Mono – About Dreaming In Mono from Dreaming In Mono on Vimeo.

Watch Episode One:

Dreaming In Mono – Episode #1 from Dreaming In Mono on Vimeo.


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