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Copyblogger Articles You Need to Read Before You Write Your TV Proposal: Part II

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Copyblogger named by The Guardian as one of the World’s 50 Most Powerful Blogs is a site all about marketing online content, but you can adapt the principles to help you write your TV proposal. In the second of this three-part series on turbocharging your development skills we look at some article that will help your proposal grab a buyer’s attention (click on the titles to read the full article):

  1. How to Be Interesting – In order for your proposal to stand out, your idea must be outstanding. When developing your idea ensure you are offering something new and not just adding to the noise. Here are 21 ways to make your idea (and your proposal) different from those that have gone before, such as: tell a good story; break news; solve a problem or add irreverence.
  2. Five Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post With a Bang – Commissioning executives receive dozens of proposals for new TV shows every week. Most spend only about 30 seconds reading each one before deciding whether they are interested or not; that means you have to grab their attention in the first paragraph. This article describes five techniques you can use to draw them in and make them want to read more, including the use of a question, statisitics and analogies.
  3. The Flashing Christmas Light Technique for Writing Irresistible Bullet Points – After reading your first paragraph, it’s likely your potential buyer will scan the rest of your proposal for interesting information. One way  you can make the key information stand out is to embolden certain words; another way is to use bullet points, which have the advantage of breaking up the page with white space, which is easier on the eye than blocks of text. In this article you’ll learn how to write effective, eye-catching bullet points.

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