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Copyblogger Articles You Need to Read Before You Write Your TV Proposal: Part I

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Writing a concise, compelling proposal is a task that many  TV producers and filmmakers find difficult: coming up with the idea and visualizing what it will look like probably  comes easily to you; but being able to put your idea into words in a proposal or in a pitch is a different matter entirely. You have to switch from thinking like a director and start thinking like a copywriter. Copywriters (at least good ones) sell stuff and that’s the purpose of your proposal – it’s a sales pitch.

Copyblogger, named by The Guardian as one of the World’s 50 Most Powerful Blogs, is a site all about marketing online content, but you can adapt Copyblogger’s principles to help you write your TV proposal. In the first of this three-part series on turbocharging your development skills we look at some articles that explain the simple writing rules that you should use to polish your proposal so it looks professional:

  1. Do You Make These Seven Mistakes When You Write? This article explains how to avoid common pitfalls such as using loose instead of lose; the difference between Me, Myself and I; correct placement of the apostrophe among other common mistakes.
  2. Five Grammatical Errors That Make You Look Dumb – Do you know the difference between Your and You’re? Its and It’s? Their and There? Read this article to make sure.
  3. Seven Bad Writing Habits You Learned in School It can be tempting, when writing a proposal, to write as though you are writing an English paper or thesis by using lots of long sentences and big words to impress. In fact, you should do the opposite: use short paragraphs, simple language and a narrative that will engage and draw in your audience, not bore them to death.

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