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Project 10 to the 100

Project 10 to the 100 is a Google project that aims to make ‘world changing ideas a reality’. It was launched in 2008 when online users were invited to submit suggestions for projects that would make the world a better place. The project has had more than 150,000 ideas submitted, which have been grouped in to several themes, such as:

  • Help social entrepreneurs drive change
  • Create real-time natural crisis tracking system
  • Drive innovation in public transport
  • Create more efficient land mine removal programmes
  • Encourage positive media depictions of engineers and scientists.

The public now have until 8th October 2009 to vote for which five of these ideas deserve to be supported. Once the advisory board have made their decision, Google will identify and match organizations that are best able to implement the changes.

Visit Project 10 to the 100 to find out more and vote for your favourite idea.


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