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Greenlit: The Great Offices, BBC4

The Great Offices (3×60′) – Dealing with money, power, crime and terrorism, the work of Whitehall’s three mightiest empires, the Treasury, the Foreign Office, and the Home Office, affects the lives of all citizens and has helped determine the fate of governments. Over the years, Michael Cockerell has filmed inside the three citadels and interviewed their leading ministers and normally camera-shy mandarins. Now, with fresh access, filming and new interviews, along with rare archive, Cockerell recounts the constant power battles between ministers and mandarins, both within the offices and with No. 10 – for most prime ministers yearn to be their own chancellors or foreign secretaries… and sometimes both.

This major new series will also tell a revealingly wider story about British politics in the last half-century and how the country has reached its present state.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: BBC News And Current Affairs

TX: Autumn 2009 / Winter 2010

Source: BBC Press Office


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