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Urban Legends

Snopes.com has a whole host of urban legends, that it explains and pronounces true or false, for example:

  • The woman who sent an email to her friends describing her date and how she’d overlook his mullet if he showered her with gifts (his boat only had room for six so didn’t really count as an asset).  The relationship came to an early end after the email went global, with people weighing in on her shallowness.  TRUE
  • A woman fell pregnant in the American Civil War after being shot with a bullet that had passed through a soldier’s scrotum. FALSE
  • A USAF directed a jet in little more than a pair of boots and a well placed sock. PROBABLY
  • A woman mistakenly sprayed herself with glitter instead of feminine hygiene spray before a visit to her gynecologist. UNVERIFIED (if this was you, get in touch).

Explore all manner of urban legends here.


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