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Greenlit: Twins, BBC1

Twins – Identical twins are a source of endless fascination – many people are intrigued by their appearance and the stories of incredible bonds that exist between them. But twins are also of interest to scientists, who believe they could hold the key to understanding what makes us all who we are.

This new series is full of engaging tales and the opening programme explores the similarities between twins – observing six-year-old twins separated as babies and brought up in different countries being reunited for the first time.

The second programme explores what contributes to the differences between identical twins, and meets sets of twins where one is gay and one is straight, and where one has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the other doesn’t. It also follows a twin pregnancy and looks at the different experiences twins have in the womb.

Through these stories, the series discovers how twins are helping to revolutionise scientists’ ideas about nature and nurture, and finds out how our experiences interact with genes in ways that we are only just beginning to unravel.

Channel: BBC1

Producer: BBC

TX: Autumn 2009

Source: BBC


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