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B’eau Pal and Polar Bear Tears

PSFK have an article about two different awareness raising projects that use bottle water to get their message across. London design firm have created a new brand of water B’eau Pal to mark the 25th anniversary of the 1984 Bhopal chemical disaster at a Union Carbide plant in India. The water purports to contain -200,000% Carbon Tetrachloride as one of its nutritional values.

Another project, by Tappening, aims to dispel the common assumption that bottled water is somehow healthier and more ‘pure’ than tap water, by spreading ludicrous misinformation in the hope of making people think about claims that are made about the products they buy. One poster for bottled water suggests, heartbreakingly, that bottled water contains 98% polar ice caps and 2% polar bear tears.

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