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The Report of My Death

The Report of My Death is a new play that uses “rare, previously censored and posthumously published Twain letters, stories, notebooks and historical artifacts” to tell the life story of Sam Clemens’ (aka Mark Twain) life, including his “bankruptcy, worldwide lecture tour, personal tragedies and his principled opposition to the Philippine-American war.”

Michael Graves plays Clemens and the director is Adam Klasfield.

The title of the play is taken from a(n oft quoted) letter Twain sent in 1897: “James Ross Clemens, a cousin of  mine was seriously ill two or three weeks ago in London, but is well now. The report of my illness grew out of his illness, this report of my death was an exaggeration.”

See the play:

On the Lilac Steamship
Pier 40 near Houston on the Hudson, Manhattan
8pm; $18
July 22 through August 15


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