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The Guardian’s Random Documentary Generator for BBC3

If you are finding it hard to come up with ideas for the youth orientated BBC3, The Guardian has come to your rescue with its F*ck Off I’m a BBC3 Random Documentary Generator. It offers you four lists from which to choose your documentary elements:

  • Z-list ‘celeb’ presenter
  • Style of reportage
  • Edgy subject matter
  • Trite conclusion

Mix and match the nine options in each category and someone cleverer than me will tell you that there are hundreds/thousands/millions of possible combinations, which should keep you in commissions for a while.

And don’t forget the international market. Those Americans won’t like titles full of boobs and other unmentionable personal bits, so you’ll need to change the title. Head over to Reess Kennedy’s Deadliest Blog Entry on CableU to find out how to JACK up your title so it’s suitably BIG, WILD and OUTRAGEOUS.


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