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Kickstarter Crowd Funding

Kick Starter is a new way to crowd fund your projects, ideas or endeavors.  Project creators offer benefits to people who pledge financial support (which could be an invite to a BBQ or a balloon ride), along with regular updates on the project. Once you’ve pledged you only have to cough up if the funding target is met, otherwise everyone walks away as if nothing happened. Read more about how it works in the FAQ.

Projects include:

Help Polyvinyl Save 10,000 Records from Destruction – which raised $15,525 (1553% of target)

New York Makes a Book – Raised $3,329 (111% of target)

Help April Smith Make a Record – Who still needs to raise 35% of her funds.

Find out more about crowdfunding in Give Me the Money and I’ll Shoot! Finance Your Factual TV/Film Project


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