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Flickr Photos at the Getty

Getty Images have enhanced their collection by partnering with Flickr, the user generated photo storage and display site.

There are a number of features that might help creative inspiration:

1) You can search using keywords to get beautiful, and sometimes surprising, images that have been tagged with that keyword. For example, a search for ‘History’ threw up:

2) You can create and save photo clouds, to group your favourite photos together and you can share these clouds with your team to spark ideas.

3) You can download the Facebook app that allows you to reflect your status with photo clouds, add your photo cloud to your blog or download a screensaver that changes the images on your screen depending on what other users have been searching for recently (let’s hope that’s safe for work!).

Try it out at Getty Images

Hat tip to PSFK who are testing the usefulness of the site in July/August 09.


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