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Megatrends – is Africa the Future?

Blogging superstar Darren Rowse describes attending the recent Future Summit in Australia as guest twitterer. He reports on a talk given by Alison Sander from Boston Consulting Group who described different kinds of trends: linear, cyclical, fads and megatrends. Megatrends are trends that are growing and have the potential to grow exponentially – and could (with a bit of creative thought and thorough research) provide fertile ground for generating TV programme ideas that will remain current for a few years at least and perhaps become even more relevant as time goes on.  The megatrends she identified are:

  • Economic Volatility
  • Globalization
  • Connectivity
  • Rise of Trust and Transparency
  • Global Warming and Rise of Green Products
  • Innovation Imperative
  • Rise of Asia (China/India)
  • Rise of Services
  • Rise of Urbanization/Infrastructure
  • Risk and Security
  • Energy Volatility
  • Rise in Natural Disasters
  • Aging/Demographic Shifts
  • Global Divides
  • Health and Wellness
  • Health spending/biotech
  • Rise of Entertainment/Celebrity
  • Read more on ProBlogger – and then scroll down the comments until you get to Fred Dupont’s comment. He describes a speech at the same event by Her Excellency Dr Speciosa Wandira-Kazibwe (former VP Uganda) who made a plea for ‘a means starved & energy/innovation laden forgotten Africa’, that could be the future of the world.

    He goes on to ask: “Is Dr Speciosa THE leader the world is desperately seeking? Is she the one to lead Africa out of its recurring misery? I do not know, but I think I “heard” the truth spoken forcefully with integrity. I have the feeling I may have “virtually” participated live in a historical event; maybe one matching the caliber and intensity of Martin Luther King “let freedom ring” or J.F. Kennedy “Ich bin ein Berliner”…”

    She believes that if you put power in the hands of women, huge changes can be made in the world. Sounds like she should be given a platform…move over Jamie Oliver and let Dr Speciosa Wanira-Kazibwe see what she can do.

    Future Summit interiew from James Sanders on Vimeo.


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