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Eccentric People

Listverse has a list of 10 Incredibly Eccentric People, which includes:

  1. Hetty Green – the ‘Witch of Wall Street’
  2. William Archibald Spooner – he of the ‘spoonerism’
  3. Simeon Ellerton – 18th C fitness fanatic
  4. John Christie – founder of Glyndebourne operatic festival
  5. Oscar Wilde –
  6. Sir George Sitwell – who shot bees and painted his cows with a willow pattern
  7. Gerald Tyrwhitt-Wilson – composer who took afternoon tea with his giraffe
  8. William Buckland – a fossil expert who filled his house with animals and then served to his guests for dinner
  9. Frances Egerton – threw dinner parties for dogs
  10. Jemmy Hurst – used a bull to pull his carriage

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