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Grade by Grade: Excellent Elementary Education Made Easy by Trish Wilkinson

We’ve all been through school, but who teaches the parents how to shepherd their own children through the often challenging and confusing  education system?

Trish Wilkinson knows from first hand experience that parents need support to navigate the school system,  so she’s written a book, supported by an excellent website that is aimed at helping parents help their offspring get the best out of school.

Trish is a journalist with almost 25 years experience of teaching kids of all ages to be inspired by the world around them. She’s taught children in kindergarten all the way through to 6th grade (11-12 yrs).

Visit Grade by Grade to read articles about pain-free ways to get the homework done, and on the challenges and opportunities that come with diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder. There’s a particularly interesting article about composer Eric Scot Fidler whose ADD led him to have an unconventional education, and to him becoming a toy designer for Mattel.

Trish also helps parents deal with tricky situations, such as:

  • How to introduce your child to kindergarten without trauma
  • How to deal with bullies
  • How to help your kids get the most out of their lessons by working closely with the teachers
  • How to kick-start your kid’s confidence and improve their achievements

Explore Grade by Grade for more.


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