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The Psychology of Colour

Publicolor is a not-for-profit organization that revitalizes the environment in under-performing public schools in the US. The pupils are involved in choosing the colours and then work on Saturdays to paint their school classrooms and hallways to a professional standard.

The aim is to engage disaffected and underachieving pupils, introduce them to teamwork for the first time, and give them practical skills that can be used commercially. There is a stepladder of programmes, that take the kids through from painting to pairing them to mentors and introducing them to various design-related jobs where they could use  their new-found skills.  The aim is to keep the kids off the streets while they’re at school, give them transferable skills through an apprenticeship like scheme and then get them into jobs or college after school.

They have a very colourful (if a little slow) interactive website where you can play various games to help you learn about colour.

Read more here (you might want to put your sunglasses on).


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