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Naked Urban Photographer

Miru Kim is known as the Naked Urban Photographer. She has stripped far and wide – from an abandoned sugar factory in Brooklyn and an aqueduct in The Bronx, to the Catacombs in Paris and the River Tyburn in London.  See her photos. There’s something haunting and fascinating about decaying urban architecture, as if the landscape is full of echoes of all the ghosts of industrial history – the people who designed, built, worked and died in these empty buildings.

And something very satisfying when buildings are brought back to life in a different guise – power stations turned into art galleries (Tate Modern) and restaurants (The Wapping Project) in London, and schools turned into  art galleries like  P.S.1 in Brooklyn.

Interesting to look at the evolution of buildings – there must be many more examples around the world. Shout if you know of any.


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