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Michael Hebb – Food Provocateur?

Seattle-based chef Michael Hebb, a “food provocateur” (watch your back, Heston) with a face less lived-in than Ramsay,  presides over a series of moving feasts in a supper club that might find you sitting at a sixteen-foot long table on an island or taking a 32 mile stroll along a freeway before you get your food. In another version, Songs for Eating and Drinking gathers Seattle musicians together and loosens them up with food and alcohol to encourage them to put on a spontaneous performance. Read more on One Pot blog.

He’s a controversial figure – a quick search for his name brings up a lot of web comments that refer to his failed restaurant business, closed with almost no warning, leaving around 95 employees without jobs.  I wonder if he’s managing to rehabilitate himself with this new venture..? At least it sounds like he’s keeping the overheads down.


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