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How to Find an Expert

Need to find an expert? Live Person has 30,000 ‘ready to chat’ live online, from lawyers to doctors to psychics. It costs from $0.50 – $2 per minute to seek the advice of someone.

This could be a good place to hunt for new onscreen talent, but there’s probably a bigger story here…. have a look at the people offering ‘homework assistance’ and look at some of the writing projects posted on websites such as Elance.com and guru.com, and you’ll find a lot of jobs that look suspiciously like school/college/university essays being posted.

Feels ripe for an investigative doc to find out how this is skewing people’s grades and what level of grades they’re managing to get by outsourcing their homework. And what are the knock-on effects for the jobs market etc?  See this related post.

findaTVexpert.com is a database of UK experts in various fields who are willing to be considered for TV shows.

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