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David Lynch on the Value of Keeping Random Ideas

David Lynch has just launched David Lynch TV which has short video tips on film-making and also explores transcendental meditation as a tool to help young people deal with stress and aggression. There is a really short clip in which he talks about developing ideas. Watch it here (and substitute ‘idea’ for ‘film’).

The lesson is: never reject an idea that doesn’t quite fit what you are trying to develop. Put it to one side and come back to it later – it might have grown into something interesting, as your subconscious will have been quietly working away at it. And you’ll be able to develop it into what it needs to be rather than trying to squash it into your current idea.

The David Lynch Foundation aims to give any American child the opportunity to experience the calming and creative benefits of transcendental meditation. Scientists say it can reduce stress and depression, help those with learning disorders, improve academic achievement – and even help world peace.

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