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Remembering Bogle Chandler

“New Year’s Day on a lonely stretch of riverbank, an man and a woman’s body. Who killed them and why? To this day, no-one knows. All we know is this… their hearts stopped beating, they stopped breathing.”

At the start of 1963, two scientists, a man and a woman were found dead on the banks of the Lane Cove River, Sydney, Australia. The circumstances surrounding their deaths was mysterious; the case became became famous but remains unsolved.

Now an award-winning hypermedia website gives you a chance to piece together the events of the previous day; events that include personal vendetta, secret government experiments, LSD, and sex.

Remembering Bogle Chandler was developed by Rebecca Young as a PhD project. It is a “narrative in five acts”, that is open-ended and immersive. You can roam around in the mystery, collecting conflicting media and personal accounts, deflecting red herrings and resisting the paranoia inherent in a Cold War story. Make you your mind and then see what other people think happened.

(Spoiler alert: there is an account of the case on Wikipedia.)

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