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Greenlit: Japan Season, BBC4

Japan Season – A month-long season of programming about Japan, including documentaries, dramas and animation. The season includes 30 second language lessons, a glimpse into the life of the salary man, and an exploration of Japan’s fascination with fish.

  • Fish! A Japanese Obsession (Keo Films)
  • Japan: In Search Of Wabi Sabi With Marcel Theroux (Keo Films)
  • Japan: A Story Of Love And Hate (Ten Foot Films)
  • Japan in Colour: The Wonderful World Of Albert Kahn (BBC Productions)
  • The Kawasaki Candidate
  • In The Shadow Of Fujisan
  • I, Samurai
  • Great Railway Journeys: Tokyo To Kagoshima
  • Natural World: Buddha, Bees And The Giant Hornet Queen
  • Spirited Away
  • In The Shadow Of Fujisan
  • Geisha Girl
  • Gohatto
  • Twilight Samurai
  • The Sumo Tokoyama
  • Secret life Of A Masterpiece – The Wave
  • Natural World : Garden Of The Gods – Hokkaido
  • Natural World: Satoyama – Japan’s Water Garden

Channel: BBC4

Producer: various

TX: 14 March – 16 April 2009

Source: BBC


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