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Forbes – 25 Web Celebrities to Know

Forbes has just published its annual Web Celeb 25 – the bloggers, techies and geeks who are rocking the online world. If you are looking for onscreen talent/experts, I suggest you start with the following. I’ve chosen them purely on the basis that they’ve got a good face for TV/are hot. Call me superficial and feel free to disagree:

1) Brian Lam – editor of Gizmodo, a gadget site with 3.1 million views per day

2) Mark Frauenfelder – co-founder of Boing Boing, ‘a directory of wonderful things’.

3) Perez Hilton – founder of celebrity rumour blog Perez Hilton

4) Pete Cashmore – founder of Mashable ‘all that’s new on the web’ whether it be news about the iPhone, Twitter or amazon.

5) Will Leitch – founding editor of sports blog Dead Spin

6) Will Wheaton – ex-Star Trek actor and blogger

7) Matt Drudge – founder of the Drudge Report that broke the Clinton/Lewinsky story.

8) Owen Thomas -managing editor of Silicon Valley scandal rag Valley Wag

9) Nate Silver – statistician and writer on politics blog FiveThirtyEight

10) Kevin Rose -entrepreneur and founder of content sharing website  Digg. He’s got previous as presenter of Tech TV’s The Screen Savers.

And a couple who slipped off the Forbes list but stay on mine:

11) Graham Hill -Designpreneur and founder of green website Treehugger

12) Xeni Jardin -tech journalist and co-editor of Boing Boing and host of Boing Boing TV. She’s also written for Wired and Playboy.

Look closely and you’ll see that many have written/edited Wired Magazine and Playboy. Weird. Or maybe not so…


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