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Dating Advice: Making Men Better

Just Keep the Change is a dating site aimed at  ‘Making Men Better’.

I stumbled across it because of a series of photographs of the artful use of Post-It notes, but the main focus of the blog is to give dating advice to men. What’s nice is that it feels inclusive and doesn’t feel like it’s written by an earnest agony aunt, and nor is it uncomfortably sleazy like The Game

And it’s kind of cute that there are articles on:

Text Messaging – How to Stop Hoping and Waiting for Her Reply

How to Get Over Your Ex-Girlfriend (with a massive 1,242 comments)

How to Tackle a Blind Date and an article that may or may not be related: How to Win at Arm-Wrestling – 5 Easy Tips

It got me wondering if there’s a dating version of The Carrot and the Stick? pitching two different styles of dating gurus against each other to see whose group is the most successful?


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