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TED Conference Speakers 2009

TED (tagline: Ideas Worth Spreading) have just announced some of their returning speakers at their 2009 conference. In the meantime browse the site for inspirational talks and expert/talent spotting.

2009 conference speakers include:

  • Biochemist Kary Mullins,
  • Biologist Robert Full,
  • Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin,
  • Founding director of Harvard Business School’s Life Sciences Project, Juan Enriquez,
  • Marketing guru Seth Godin,
  • Engineer and artist Golan Levin,
  • Satirist Jill Sobule,
  • Designer Yves Behar,
  • Conductor Benjamin Zander,
  • Inventor and entrepreneur Jay Walker, and
  • Poet Rives

Watch story teller and poet Rives tell ‘A 3-Minute Story of Mixed Emoticons’


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