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Talk to Your Colleagues to Cross-Fertilise Your TV Programme Ideas

Brainstorms at INDEX: Views by Jacob Bøtterby Jacob Bøtter

In some companies, people can go months without speaking to colleagues in the next (or even same) office. But the person on the other side of the wall might be an expert in the subject area you are researching, or they might know just the person to front your new DIY show.

In a well run development team, a discussion about last night’s television and this morning’s papers will happen naturally as people arrive, log into their computers and get their first cup of coffee, which is an ideal way to grow ideas organically.

Entice your production colleagues to drop by and stay for a chat – make your office a destination by putting a coffee machine in your office.

Get to know their outside interests and encourage them to critique your ideas.

Ask if they’ve interviewed any interesting experts who might be potential talent.

Get to know people who work in different offices or departments – find out who the interesting and collaborative people are in the comedy, multiplatform or post production departments of your company. Kick ideas about with them and see what you come up with.

Always give credit and constructive feedback if someone brings you an idea, even if you think it is terrible – discuss its strengths and weaknesses and next time they might bring you a workable idea.

Other ways to generate new factual TV ideas:

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