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Google Magazine Archive

Click on  the More arrow at the top left of your google search page and click Books to be taken to a treasure trove of a magazine archive. Browse and search back issues of Popular Science (back to 1870), New York (back to 1965), Men’s Health (back to 2006) or Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (back to 1980).

You can also use keyword search in Google Book Search to find magazine articles listed alongside book results. A search for ‘reclusive’ throws up a New York article on artist Louise Bourgeois, a Backpacker article on mountain lions and an article called The Fate of the Cosmos in Popular Science.

The initiative is still young so the range of magazines is still limited, but more are being added all the time. So, while not yet a reliable and comprehensive research tool, it is an excellent resource for sparking ideas and fueling brainstorms.

PS. Does anyone realise just how much we are becoming dependent on Google? If Google goes down, we all do….


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