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Developing Factual Ideas

Field Guide to: Point of View Documentary

This subjective kind of programme is authored, and is strongly skewed towards a certain viewpoint. They tend to be films that tackle issues.

The filmmaker might be the main the protagonist making their presence felt whether they are in front or behind the camera. It is an approach often favoured by independent filmmakers.

Age of Stupid

An Inconvenient Truth

End of America

Or the point of view documentary can be hosted by someone who immerses us in their world, has particular take on a subject, or a campaign agenda, such as:

Jamie’s School Dinners (Ch4)

Jamie’s Kitchen (Ch4)

Super Size Me

Fahrenheit 9/11

Explore more formats:

Constructed documentary

Presenter-Led Documentary Series

Character-Driven Documentary


Drama Documentary .

Point of View Documentary

Immersive Documentary

Observational Documentary Series

Factual Entertainment



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