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Delve into the Archives and Put a New Twist on an Old TV Format

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Know what programmes are in your company’s back catalogue. Is there anything that could be revitalised with a modern twist?

Come Dancing, which aired on the BBC from 1949 to 1998, was a genteel ballroom dancing competition featuring unknown professional dancers that appealed to a diminishing, ageing audience.

In 2004, reality show sensibilities were introduced to the dusty old format and it was reborn in a prime-time Saturday night slot on BBC1 as Strictly Come Dancing.By pairing professional dancers with  celebrities, it attracted younger viewers without alienating the original fans of the show.

The international version of the show, Dancing with the Stars, is currently one of the most watched programmes in the world and is transmitted in 38 countries.

Do you have an old format that fell out of favour a few years ago that, with a few tweaks, could be perfect right now?

Other ways to generate new factual TV ideas:

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