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Greenlit: Homicide for the Holidays, Oxygen

Homicide for the Holidays (4 x 60′) –  Delves into the terrifying twists, turns and tell-alls that reveal how tumultuous the holiday season can be. F For most, the winter holidays mean bringing family and friends together to eat, drink, and create joyous memories to last a lifetime; but, for others, it’s a time where […]

In Development: Love to Hate, Oxygen

Love to Hate w/t ( x 60′) – In the fast-paced world of celebrity culture, salacious photos, erroneous tweets, viral rumors and criminal allegations can tank a white-hot career in an instant. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes all had the world as their stage – until a few wrong moves flipped […]

In Development: Review Rage, Oxygen

Review Rage w/t – Bad service can be a business killer and often a customer’s version of events is the only one we ever hear about…until now. This new comedic series gives businesses and online reviewers the opportunity to vent their frustrations through hilarious reenactments of both sides of the story revealing two wildly different versions […]

In Development: Social Girls, Oxygen

Social Girls w/t – There’s a new type of celebrity on the rise as influential social media millennials dominate the feeds of their millions of followers who anticipate their every post. Cameras will follow these selfie queens and their sought after squads as they redefine what it means to be Insta-successful and compete in a […]

Greenlit: Strut, Oxygen

Strut –  Follows a set of driven and determined models who are pursuing their passion of becoming household names in the world of fashion while challenging stereotypes of gender and beauty. Supporting them every step of the way is Slay Model Management, the world’s first exclusively transgender modeling agency. Channel: Oxygen Producer: One Hoe Productions […]

Greenlit: Three Days to Live, Oxygen

Three Days to Live – Through stylized and thrilling re-enactments, viewers will be exposed to events that unfold during the critical 72 hours after someone is abducted. It is said that those who don’t come home within the first three days, almost never do. In vivid, visceral recreations, the series will plunge into these terrifying […]

Greenlit: Unprotected, Oxygen

Unprotected ( x 30′) – This doc-comedy follows the Cantarellas, a former crime family raising two teenagers, who have left the witness protection program to settle into the very suburban and retiree lifestyle of their new hometown of Scottsdale, AZ. Over the course of the season, viewers will see them adapting to their unfamiliar surroundings […]

Greenlit: The Battle of the Ex Besties, Oxygen

The Battle of the Ex Besties – Best friends share a bond unlike any other, but what happens when your partner-in-crime morphs into a frenemy? Ex BFFs are secretly paired together to participate in challenges that put forgiving and forgetting to the ultimate test. Can two former friends come together to win a lofty grand prize […]

Greenlit: Last Squad Standing, Oxygen

Last Squad Standing – Your crew. Your squad. Your group of friends is who you can rely on. In this new series, three groups of friends are put together under one roof to compete against each other through a series of highly competitive tasks that are designed to see just how tight and meaningful these […]

Greenlit: #killerpost, Oxygen

#killerpost –  Profiles true stories of the most jaw-dropping and shocking cases where social media activity has had dangerous and deadly consequences. Although the crimes differ in nature, they all share a common theme – social media posts were the catalysts for deadly repercussions. Through cinematic reenactments of both the crimes and stories behind them […]

Greenlit: Like a Boss, Oxygen

Like a Boss –  Takes an inside look at what it takes to be the assistant to some of the biggest power players in Atlanta. The series follows four hardworking and motivated assistants as they look to emulate the success of their respective bosses, but know that it in order to get to the top, […]

Greenlit: Fix My Mom, Oxygen

Fix My Mom – Five vibrant mother-daughter pairs go on a rollercoaster journey to mend their broken bonds before the damage is irreparable and the relationship is destroyed. With the guidance of life coach Laura Baron, the ladies will be put to the test through specifically designed exercises to get to the root of their […]

Greenlit: Virtually in Love, Oxygen

Virtually in Love – In each episode, real couples, who have been dating online, get the ultimate opportunity to break away from their computer screen and meet the person they have been dating face-to-face.  Each hopeful will get an up-close and personal look at life with their significant other by traveling to their hometowns and […]

In Development: The Ultimate Relationship Test, Oxygen

The Ultimate Relationship Test w/t –  In this innovative new competition series, ten couples will compete in large-scale challenges – ranging from the physical to the mental – to win wagered money. While one person competes, their significant other bets a sum of cash based on how they think their partner will perform. These challenges will […]

In Development: Swipe for Love, Oxygen

Swipe for Love w/t –  In the hyper-connected, social media-savvy world of millenials, online dating has quickly become the norm. In this show, a group of eager young singles will put their profile pictures to the test in front of a live studio audience in hopes of finding “the one.” Potential couples will be matched […]

In Development: Start Me Up, Oxygen

Start Me Up  w/t –  Bringing the online crowdfunding phenomenon to television for the first time, each episode follows three contestants determined to launch a new campaign, business or cause as they work with an expert team to create the ultimate 90-second pitch video. At the end, the three videos will go up on Oxygen.com […]

In Development: House of Black Diamond, Oxygen

House of Black Diamond  w/t – Follows six members of a successful drill team who live under one roof. Hard work, dedication and comical personal politics push this team to new limits as they fight to retain their reputation as the most decorated drill team on the West Coast. With multiple competitions each month, the […]

In Development: Dead Clean, Oxygen

Dead Clean – Showcases a group of women working at Xtreme Cleaners, a company using bubbles and suds to clean and decontaminate some of the filthiest and goriest places from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Armed with mops, hazmat suits and a sense of humor, these girls do the “dirty work” at crime scenes, hoarders’ […]

Greenlit: Quit Your Day Job, Oxygen

Quit Your Day Job  (8 x )  –  An immersive new docuseries exploring the exciting world of entrepreneurship through the leadership of tech mogul Randi Zuckerberg, consumer products tycoon Ido Leffler, start-up advocate Sarah Prevette, and master marketer Lauren Maillian. The series features aspiring millennial entrepreneurs who receive the life-changing opportunity to pitch themselves and their innovative […]

Greenlit: Boss Nails, Oxygen

Boss Nails  w/t –  Welcome to Tippie Toes Nail & Beauty Salon where Miami’s fashionistas come for one-of-a-kind pop-culture nail designs. This series centers on 26-year-old burgeoning business owner Dana Cody, known for her signature crystal embellished manicures that cost upwards of $10,000, as she juggles managing her boisterous staff, expanding her salon empire, and […]

Greenlit: Douglas Family Gold, Oxygen

Douglas Family Gold  w/t –  Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas stunned the world in 2012 by becoming the first African American in history to win the individual all-around gold medal at the Summer Olympics.  Behind her meteoric rise was a supportive family willing to sacrifice everything for years to help her dream. Now 19, Gabby is ready […]

Greenlit: Player Gets Played, Oxygen

Player Gets Played   – In each episode, one woman with a lurking suspicion will uncover a heartbreaking truth with the help of social media and friends when it’s revealed she is not the only woman in her boyfriend’s life. These young women are given the ultimate opportunity to change the game without letting him in […]

Greenlit: The Hustle, Oxygen

The Hustle w/t  – Being a boss is tough, but being an assistant is impossible. This coming-of-age series follows the dynamic and hard-working assistants to successful entrepreneurs and entertainers. With blood, sweat and tears, these ambitious 20-somethings are willing to do whatever it takes to learn the ropes one step at a time so they […]

Greenlit: Pretty.Strong, Oxygen

Pretty.Strong – It is football like you have never seen it before as fierce, young women engage in one of the roughest, yet fastest growing sports in the country— the Legends Football League. This is full contact, hard tackle football with two-time reigning champions the Chicago Bliss going for the coveted three-peat. These athletes are juggling […]

Greenlit: Living with Funny, Oxygen

Living with Funny w/t – This docu-series showcases the personal lives behind the curtain of rising comedians in Hollywood and the women in their lives.  Cameras will follow the howling tale of what happens when they drop the mic and come home to their family, friends and significant others. Because when you are a comedian, […]

In Development: Straight Up With a Twist, Oxygen

Straight Up With a Twist w/t –  Millennials will dish and divulge anything and everything – especially over a cocktail or two. Whether it’s discussing global warming, first date blunders, or the latest celebrity scandal, friends are constantly chatting about everything from pop culture to the true meaning of life. In this half-hour reality comedy, cameras […]

In Development: Survival of the Clickiest, Oxygen

Survival of the Clickiest w/t –  With all the freedom, money, and influence, it’s easy to see why being an online star is one of the most desired and competitive professions among millennials today. Some of the most powerful people in this million dollar industry are fashion and beauty vloggers, who function like modern day Carrie […]

In Development: Teaching English, Oxygen

Teaching English w/t –  Most Americans have never left the country, but for these millennials, this is where life truly begins. Whether it is the spontaneous decision to teach English to children in Singapore or to work at an International school in Russia, this adventurous project will follow a group of young Americans living abroad in […]

In Development: The Misty Copeland Project, Oxygen

The Misty Copeland Project w/t –  As talented hopefuls from diverse backgrounds descend upon New York City to take on the next major step in their ballet careers, who better to train and mentor them, than Misty Copeland, the renowned ballerina who herself has defied all odds and shattered boundaries by overcoming the cultural pressures of […]

Greenlit: Preachers of Detroit, Oxygen

Preachers of Detroit w/t – The series focuses on powerful themes of faith, family, and friendship as seven men and women of the cloth share their lives, transformations and triumphs in and out of the pulpit in Detroit, Michigan.  The prominent pastors include Bishop Charles Ellis, Pastor David Bullock, Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole, Pastor Don Shelby, Bishop Corletta Vaughn, Bishop-Elect Clarence […]

Greenlit: Finding My Father, Oxygen

Finding My Father w/t –  These men and women who grew up without their fathers are now on a mission to find him and try to fill the void they’ve felt their whole lives. Each episode will follow two people as they search for the truth about their past with the help of a private investigator. As these […]

Greenlit: Rich in Faith, Oxygen

Rich in Faith –  Pastor Rich Wilkerson made international headlines when he married friends Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in a glamorous wedding in Florence, Italy.  But even though he preaches to the A-list, his true passion is sharing his faith with the world and being part of a movement of young believers. A more entertaining […]

Greenlit: The Prancing Elite Project, Oxygen

The Prancing Elite Project w/t – Set in the high-stakes world of Southern dance teams, this show chronicles the story of the Prancing Elites—an all-male competitive dance team in Mobile, Alabama who are looking to go from a one-click-wonder to a national sensation. With big personalities and even more heart, these five best friends will navigate the […]

Greenlit: The Investment Club, Oxygen

The Investment Club w/t – The outlook for young business owners hoping to turn their ideas into billions has never looked better.  This risk-taking new series brings together passionate millennial hopefuls attempting to make their mark in entrepreneurial history with young, self-made business moguls who have already paved the way. These aspiring professionals will pitch their innovative […]

Greenlit: After Happily Ever After, Oxygen

After Happily Ever After w/t – With 60 percent of marriages for couples between the ages of 20 and 25 years old ending in divorce, this series chronicles twenty-somethings who got married young and now find themselves at a crossroads in search of a second chance and a new beginning. They know leaving their married life and spouse […]

Greenlit: It Takes a Sister, Oxygen

It Takes A Sister w/t – This comedic docu-series gives viewers a look into Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander’s unique and chaotic modern family with her five younger sisters and her 11 nieces and nephews.  With an unparalleled bond, the Alexander sisters, ages 24 to 31, have been together through thick and thin. Now at Nikki’s ranch in rural Knoxville, […]

In Development: Love on the Line, Oxygen

Love on the Line w/t – Dating on the web makes it not only possible, but easy to date someone who lives hundreds of miles away.  But can you really know someone you have never met in person?  This show  gives young hopeful romantics the opportunity to break away from their computer screen and finally […]

In Development: Wantrepreneur, Oxygen

Wantrepreneur w/t – In this project, young successful self-made business moguls will help budding entrepreneurs turn their hobbies into funded and legitimate businesses. Whether they bake cupcakes, knit scarves or just surf, our generation y geniuses will help them open a bakery, make an Etsy boutique or start a surf academy.  But our experts aren’t […]

In Development: Aunt Nikki, Oxygen

Aunt Nikki w/t – Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander gives viewers a look into her unique and chaotic modern family, living with her five younger sisters and her 11 nieces and nephews on a ranch in rural Knoxville, Tennessee.  With an unparalleled bond, the Alexander sisters, ages 24 to 31, have been together through thick and thin. […]

In Development: Sister Witches, Oxygen

Sister Witches w/t – Set in Bethlehem, PA, “Sister Witches” follows the lives of three unique sisters facing their twenties head on as they learn to harness their powers as witches and find their own way.  Along with their larger-than-life mother, the sisters run the family business, a witchcraft and magic shop, where they help clients […]

In Development: Find My Father, Oxygen

Find My Father – This project follows women who grew up without their fathers as they go on a mission to find him and fill the void they’ve felt their whole lives.  With the help of a private investigator, each episode will follow two women at a crossroads while they search for the truth about […]

Greenlit: Living Different, Oxygen

Living Different w/t – From a woman taking on a life of celibacy to another choosing to live in a cult, this hour-long series will take a candid look at women who lead unconventional and alternative lifestyles.  Each episode will showcase two new stories of brave young women unapologetically marching to the beat of their […]

Greenlit: My Crazy Love, Oxygen

My Crazy Love w/t – Many people have a story about a time in their life when love drove them to a place where rational thinking went out the window. This half-hour comedic anthology series showcases real people’s personal stories about the wild, crazy, romantic, eccentric and hilarious things that women and men have done in […]

Greenlit: Funny Girls, Oxygen

Funny Girls – This funny new docu-series series showcases up-and-coming female comediennes living in Los Angeles as they strive to break the glass ceiling in the male-dominated comedy business.  It’s a profession where women fight for survival of the funniest, and these sassy young comediennes will give viewers a peek inside their lives as they […]

Greenlit: Sisterhood of Hip Hop, Oxygen

Sisterhood of Hip Hop – With Grammy-Award winning recording artist T.I. as Executive Producer, this powerful and uplifting series follows the next generation of female hip-hop artists Siya, Nyemiah Supreme, Diamond, Brianna Perry and Bia as they live, love and work towards their dream of becoming the next big breakout star, which has always been […]

Greenlit: Street Art Throwdown, Oxygen

Street Art Throwdown w/t – From Banksy to Basquiat, street art is a groundbreaking art form and cultural phenomenon taking the world by storm and dominating pop culture.  In this adrenaline-charged new competition series, 10 up-and-coming street artists will create unbelievable art in never-before-seen ways, out-painting and out-racing each other in the hope to win […]

Greenlit: Fix My Choir, Oxygen

Fix My Choir – In this bold and uplifting music-driven series, struggling choirs will get a chance of much needed mentoring with the help of gospel superstar Deitrick Haddon (Preachers of L.A.) and Grammy-Award winning recording artist Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child fame.  Each week, the duo will surprise a community, school or gospel choir […]

Greenlit: Chasing Maria Menounos, Oxygen

Chasing Maria Menounos ( x 30′) – Takes viewers inside the mind and heart of TV personality Maria Menounos as she strives to have it all. Maria shares her personal life for the first time as she challenges expectations and makes untraditional choices while surrounded by tradition. Maria may be best known as the upbeat […]

Greenlit: Snapped, Reelz

Snapped – Profiles the fascinating cases of women accused of murder. Every year, approximately 16,000 people are murdered in the United States. Seven percent of the killers are female. Who are these women and what drives them to kill? Did they really do it? And, if they did, why? Whether the motivation was revenge against […]

In Development: Nailed It! Oxygen

Nailed It! w/t – A high-stakes competition showcasing breakout nail designers executing over-the-top nail art. Often inspired by celebrities, Instagram posts and fashion blogs, nail art has emerged as the newest form of self-expression for stylish enthusiasts who want to make a statement.  This will pit the country’s fiercest nail designers against one another as […]