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Greenlit: If I Leave Here Tomorrow: A Film About Lynyrd Skynyrd, CMT

If I Leave Here Tomorrow: A Film About Lynyrd Skynyrd w/t – Takes an innovative and cinematic approach to explore the music and rich backstory of the legendary American band.   With the songs from the first six Lynyrd Skynyrd albums driving the narration, the film weaves a complex portrait of the band. Above all, […]

Greenlit: Undressed, TLC

Undressed (20 x 30′) – An innovative and experimental dating show that sees two perfect strangers undress each other and climb into bed on a first date in an exciting new series that accelerates intimacy and explores the accepted rules of attraction. The singletons in search of their soulmate will spend 30 minutes alone together […]

Greenlit: The Dude Perfect Show, CMT

The Dude Perfect Show – Known for their wildly popular trick shot and stunt videos, this series follows the five viral sensations as they open the doors to their man cave in Dallas, Texas, to showcase exactly how they cook up their next crazy idea. The debut season will feature appearances from Luke Bryan, Chris […]

Greenlit: Chicken People, CMT

Chicken People (1 x 120′) – Chicken may be just food for most people, but raising the perfect chicken is an all-consuming passion for some. This documentary takes a charming and fascinating look at the colorful and hugely competitive world of champion show chicken breeders. A real life Best in Show but about chickens, the […]

Greenlit: American Bandit: The Birth of Southern Cool, CMT

American Bandit: The Birth of Southern Cool (1 x 120′) – A buddy movie about a buddy movie, this documentary tells the inside story of the making of one of the most iconic and influential films of the 1970s, Smokey & the Bandit. The film explores how two friends, Hal Needham, a legendary stuntman turned […]

Greenlit: Johnny Cash: American Rebel, CMT

Johnny Cash: American Rebel (1 x 120′) – This documentary is a celebration of the larger-than-life Johnny Cash from the unique perspective of the Man in Black’s greatest songs, with the film being built around the 10 greatest Johnny Cash tracks, the “essentials”. Each song brings to life a chapter in the story of America […]

Greenlit: Morgan Spurlock Presents Freedom! The Movie, CMT

Morgan Spurlock Presents Freedom! The Movie (1 x 120′) – This epic film explores the idea of independence and whether we’re all still truly liberated in today’s America. Equal parts comedic and irreverent, intrepid hero and freedom-loving host comedian Billy Wayne Davis traverses the country on a quest to find Americans exercising their God-given freedoms, […]

Greenlit: Urban Cowboy: The Rise and Fall of Gilley’s, CMT

Urban Cowboy: The Rise and Fall of Gilley’s –  The documentary, which coincides with the 35th anniversary of the release of the iconic film Urban Cowboy, tells the boom and bust story of the Texas-sized phenomenon and the honky-tonk that inspired it. Channel: CMT Producer: ten100 Productions TX: 13th June 2015 Source: CMT press release

Greenlit: American Speed: The True Story of NASCAR, CMT

American Speed: The True Story of NASCAR The most in-depth high-octane account of the gritty true story behind NASCAR comes roaring to life in a first of its kind limited series narrated by two-time Daytona 500 winner and racing royalty Dale Earnhardt Jr. Channel: CMT Producer: Stephen David Entertainment TX:  Early 2016 Source: CMT press […]

Greenlit: I Love Kellie Pickler, CMT

I Love Kellie Pickler Kellie Pickler catapulted from small-town obscurity and became a household name thanks to American Idol and Dancing With the Stars, but has since gone on to become a country sensation. Recognized and beloved for her quirky personality, uniquely hysterical witticisms and Southern charm, the series will follow her marriage to Kyle […]

Greenlit: Gainesville, CMT

Gainesville –  A docu-series following a tight-knit group of friends in small town Florida as they attempt to transition into adulthood. Channel: CMT Producer: Wheels Off Entertainment TX:  14th May 2015 Source: CMT press release

Greenlit: Inside Fame, CMT

Inside Fame ( x 60′) – Takes us deep inside fame with today’s hottest country music stars. episode will feature a different artist and will include all-new in-depth interviews with the artists themselves, their families, fellow artists, producers and journalists, as well as personal photos, never-before-seen home videos and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage along with current […]

Greenlit: Johnny Cash – American Rebel, CMT

Johnny Cash – American Rebel (1 x feature-length) – A celebration of the larger-than-life Johnny Cash from the unique perspective of the Man in Black’s 10 greatest songs. This documentary explores the life, music and artist expression of one of music’s most notorious rebels, from his first No. 1 hit, “I Walk the Line,” in […]

Greenlit: Urban Legend: When a Nation Went Country, CMT

Urban Legend: When a Nation Went Country (1 x feature-length) – Documentary that delves into the phenomenon sparked by the 1980 film Urban Cowboy – when country music found itself in vogue nationally for the first time in history. At the center of the new country movement was Gilley’s, the largest bar in the world located […]

Greenlit: Freedom: The Documentary, CMT

Freedom: The Documentary (1 x 90′) – Takes an in-depth look at the idea of independence and whether we’re all still truly liberated in today’s America. Equal parts comedic and irreverent, we will traverse the country, meeting the outlaws, the outlandish and the outspoken freedom fighters who are fighting the good fight every step of […]

Greenlit: They Called Us Outlaws: Cosmic Cowboys, Honky Tonk Heroes and the Rise of Redneck Rock, CMT

They Called Us Outlaws: Cosmic Cowboys, Honky Tonk Heroes and the Rise of Redneck Rock (4 x 120′) – What happened in Nashville and in Austin in the late 1960s and early 1970s was nothing less than a tectonic shift in country music. From Tennessee to Texas, musicians were breaking all the rules, pushing aside long […]

Greenlit: Promiseland, CMT

Promiseland (4 x 60′) – An epic new documentary miniseries celebrating the unsung hero of the USA: the American farmer. This groundbreaking series highlights the captivating true stories of farming families with agricultural roots that trace back for generations. Featuring innovative storytelling and sweeping cinematic visuals, it reveals how these hard working men and women […]

Greenlit: Death Valley, CMT

Death Valley (8 x 60′) –  Cut off from society and all the comforts it provides, this docu-series follows five Death Valley residents who brave the elements – and the perils of a lawless environment – in order to live their lives on their own terms. Channel: CMT Producer: Glassman Media TX: Summer/Fall 2014 Source: CMT press release

Greenlit: Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch, CMT

Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch (10 x 60′) –  In this ultimate badass competition show, Steve Austin brings eight elite athletes to his Broken Skull Ranch in Texas to test their strength, stamina and endurance. Each episode contestants go head-to-head until the last man standing earns the right to take on the toughest obstacle course in […]

Greenlit: Tattoo Titans, CMT

Tattoo Titans (8 x 60′) –  Four of the USA’s best tattoo artists face off each week for a chance at $10,000 in cold hard cash. Three rounds, ten hours, no compromises. Which artist can sling the best ink to take down the rest of the competition? Channel: CMT Producer: Original Media TX: February 2014 Source: CMT press […]

Greenlit: My Big Redneck Family, CMT

My Big Redneck Family (13 x 30′) – After sharing their last three vacations with the world, the Clampet family is back; only this time, they’re hanging out in their hometown of Shreveport, LA. This series documents America’s favorite family in this all-new comedy following their everyday routines and parenting misadventures. From Jared’s awkward introduction to […]

Greenlit: FNA USA, CMT

FNA USA 6 x 60′) –  Each week, we’ll countdown the top 20 riotous reasons that America is the most badass, Olympic medal-winning, dictator-toppling, hot dog-eating competing superpower in the world. Based on the premise that Americans work hard and play harder than anyone else, FNA USA celebrates everything from six-packed babes to six packs of […]

Greenlit: My Dysfunctional Family, CMT

My Dysfunctional Family (8 x 60′) –  Commando turned family fixer and dubbed “Teen Whisperer,” Dave Vitalli pulls no punches as he comes to the aid of teenagers and parents in distress. Armed with lie detectors and years of experience navigating his way through warzones, Dave’s presence provides a wakeup call for the badly-behaving teens. Mom […]

Greenlit: Tobacco Wars, CMT

Tobacco Wars (5 x 60′) –  Tobacco Wars is set in the high-stakes world of Kentucky’s dark fire tobacco industry, following the families of two fifth-generation tobacco men. In dark fire country, carefully guarded farming know-how and family traditions are passed down – and freedom is as essential as the air they breathe. It’s a high-stress […]

Greenlit: Reel Eats, CMT

Reel Eats – Paired with select CMT movies, the bi-weekly show will include a featured recipe prepared by CMT correspondent AllisonDeMarcus, along with trivia and cooking segments, interviews with country’s favorite stars, the latest Hollywood and country music news, viewer mail and more. On each episode, the lovable DeMarcus will present delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes that […]

Greenlit: Tattoo Titans, CMT

Tattoo Titans –  Red-blooded men and women from across the country are picking up their guns and competing against one another to prove they’re the best at what they do in this all-new series. But these aren’t top shots going hunting for big game; in fact, they are all incredible tattoo artists. Each week, four of […]

Greenlit: Untitled 495 Series, CMT

Untitled 495 Series (8 x ) – Reality series that follows a group of all-American guys and gals for a summer of fun on the coast of South Carolina. Cameras will follow as this group of fun-loving, Southern belles and beaus live it up together. Though they hail from different parts of the South, they […]

Greenlit: The Untitled Cassadee Pope Project, CMT

The Untitled Cassadee Pope Project – Offers a behind-the-scenes look at up-and-coming artist, Cassadee Pope, the winner of Season 3 of The Voice, and her journey to become a star. Channel: CMT Producer:  Good Clean Fun TX: 4th October 2013 Source: CMT press release

In: Julia Silverton, VP Development, CMT

Julia Silverton has been appointed as VP, Development at CMT, charged with overseeing the development of a broad range of the network’s programming. She is based at the Viacom Media Network headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif,  reporting to Jayson Dinsmore, EVP Development and Programming, and Joe Livecchi, SVP, Development, who is based at the Viacom […]

Greenlit: Orange County Choppers, CMT

Orange County Choppers (8 x 60′)  – The show follows Paul Teutul Sr. (“Senior”) and his team as they reach new extremes resulting in mind-blowing bikes and, of course, state-of-the-art drama. Production is slated to begin this Summer. In each episode, viewers get to see a completely different side of the OCC crew. In addition […]

In Development: Shootout, CMT

Shootout – Features expert gunfighter Scotty Reitz as he challenges less than humble gun enthusiasts to a 24-hour gunfight that tests their skill and stamina. Channel: CMT Producer: Road Games, Inc. TX: TBC Source: CMT press release

In Development: Methbusters, CMT

Methbusters – Gives a firsthand account of the day-to-day efforts of a Southern SWAT team as they fight to protect their community from the dangers of the meth trade Channel: CMT Producer: Ketchum Labs TX: TBC Source: CMT press release

In Development: Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch, CMT

Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch – Tests the intelligence, skill and stamina of six contestants as they battle it out in grueling competitions on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch in Texas. Produced by Cris Abrego and Steve Austin, who is also host. Channel: CMT TX: TBC Source: CMT press release

In Development: Bad Blood, CMT

Bad Blood – Features two parties who are forced to put a new twist on conflict resolution after a physical altercation. Channel: CMT Producer: ITV TX: TBC Source: CMT press release  

Greenlit: The Dirty South, CMT

The Dirty South – Introduces the South’s most outrageous personalities, as a group of friends converge upon a popular beach for the summer. Channel: CMT Producer: 495 Productions TX: Fall 2013 Source: CMT press release  

Greenlit: Cassadee Pope Project, CMT

Cassadee Pope Project –  Offers a behind-the-scenes look at up-and-coming artist, Cassadee Pope, the winner of Season 3 of The Voice, USA and her journey to become a star. Channel: CMT TX: TBC Source: CMT press release  

In: Jordan Harman, VP Develoment, CMT

Jordan Harman has been appointed as Vice President of Development at CMT, based in NYC and reporting to Joe Livecchi, SVP Development. Read more: C21

Greenlit: Hillbillies For Hire, CMT

Hillbillies For Hire –  Follows Jeremiah and his friend Big Ox as they run ‘Hillbillies for Hire,’ a custom prank shop in Polk County, Fla. The guys have one philosophy: if you’ve got the cash, no prank is too big and no stunt is too outrageous. Channel: CMT Producer: Leftfield Pictures TX: Summer 2013 Source: […]

Greenlit: Swamp Pawn, CMT

Swamp Pawn (6 x 60′) – Docu-series following Rick Phillips of Phillips Swamp Seafood in Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana. Not your typical pawnshop, Phillips Swamp Seafood buys and sells anything the bayou serves up — including alligators, turtles, bullfrogs, crawfish, and everything in between. Phillips and a colorful cast of neighboring “swampers” make their living fishing, […]

Greenlit: DOG, CMT

DOG w/t  (10 x 60′) – A new unscripted series that showcases Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman’s journey into the American heartland to help fellow bail bondsmen and bounty hunters struggling with their business of catching fugitives on the lam. DOG features the next chapter in the lives of Dog the Bounty Hunter […]

Greenlit: Rock Raiders, CMT

Rock Raiders w/t (10 x ) – One man’s trash is two guys’ treasures. In this series, the collectors Robert Reynolds and Stephen Shutts travel across the U.S. in search of music history’s most-treasured finds, scouring local flea markets and garage sales to discover personal – and sometimes valuable – music memorabilia. From finding a […]

Greenlit: Full Metal Racket, CMT

Full Metal Racket w/t (10 x ) – Follows three generations of the Sumner family who run Knob Creek Gun Range, their family owned business in Knob Creek, Kentucky. At Knob Creek Gun Range, it’s up to the Sumner family to keep things running smoothly as customers use, try out and even purchase and sell […]

Greenlit: Chainsaw Gang, CMT

Chainsaw Gang (10 x ) – Stacy Poitras leads a rag-tag bunch of the country’s premiere chainsaw artists who battle blades breaking, chainsaws bursting into flames and agitating each other as they manage to deliver incredible works of art—and a really good time. Channel: CMT Producer: A Smith & Co. Productions TX: Fall 2012 Source: […]

Greenlit: Redneck Intervention, CMT

Redneck Intervention (8 x 60′) – Each week a former redneck is confronted by friends and family members that believe he or she should return to their country roots, in this reality series. Channel: CMT Producer: Pink Sneakers TX: 15th September 2012 Source: CMT press release

Greenlit: Redneck Island, CMT

Redneck Island (10 x ) – Ator and former WWE superstar Steve Austin hosts a competition series that takes 12 red, white and blue-collared Americans out of the South – and far away from cold beer – dropping them in a tropical paradise. The twelve men and women compete as teams in a fight for […]

Greenlit: Trinity 911, CMT

Trinity 911 (10 x 30′) – Workplace reality series that follows the on and off-duty antics of the most colorful police department in Texas. The officers in tiny Trinity, Texas (population 2,656) may not have the world’s highest crime rate to contend with, but keeping their small town safe from danger is a full-time job […]

Greenlit: Summer Rental, CMT

Summer Rental (10 x 60′) – Docuseries following a Southern family who try out a different lifestyle by holidaying in the Hamptons. Channel: CMT Producer: Pink Sneakers TX: Winter 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Bayou Billionaires, CMT

Bayou Billionaires (10 x 30′) – Docuseries following a family whose house was located over a huge pocket of natural gas and became rich overnight.   Channel: CMT Producer: Magilla Entertainment TX: Winter 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Trick My What? CMT

Trick My What? (9 x 60′) – John Schneider hosts a series that gives a makeover to anything that moves (and has an engine). Channel: CMT Producer: Varuna Entertainment TX: 7th October 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Top Secret Recipe, CMT

Top Secret Recipe ( x 60′) –  Todd Wilbur  hosts a series in which he tries to improve on a classic American recipe. Channel: CMT Producer: 51 Minds Entertainment TX: 7th October 2011 Source: Cynopsis