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Greenlit: Tree of the Year, Channel 4

Tree of the Year (1 x 60′) – Ardal O’Hanlon, in conjunction with the Woodland Trust, announces the winners of 2016’s Tree of the Year competition, revealing the four national winners chosen by the public in an online poll and, in a first for the competition, the overall winner of UK Tree of the Year […]

Greenlit: How To Retire At 40, Channel 4

How To Retire At 40 (TX pilot) – Mseet the growing band of Brits coming up with ingenious, innovative, risky and at times weird ways to either save or make their fortune, all with the goal of retiring by the time they’re 40. The show will uncover secret tips and tricks that everyone can use […]

Greenlit: Thrifty Ways To… Channel 4

Thrifty Ways To… (TX pilot) – Shows Brits everywhere how to live the high life for a fraction of the price. Whether on a budget or not, each episode will tackle a different popular area of British spending; from summer holidays to cooking, getting married to anti-ageing, health to fashion. In each episode, a team […]

Greenlit: Big Ben, Channel 4

Big Ben w/t (3 x 60′) – Documents the epic transformation of the Elizabeth Tower, the Great Clock and the Great Bell, also known as Big Ben, as it undergoes the most extraordinary and extensive conservation and refurbishment in its 157-year history. Three prime-time documentaries, broadcast over the three-year conservation period, capture in intricate detail […]

Greenlit: What’s the Right Exercise for You? Channel 4

What’s the Right Exercise for You? w/t (1 x 60′) – The programme will look at the latest fitness trends to help viewers identify which exercise is right for them. Presented by Anna Richardson and Amar Latif and featuring cutting edge sport scientists, the show will be packed with specialist factual content and stunts designed […]

Greenlit: Back to the Brothel, Channel 4

Back to the Brothel w/t (1 x 60′) – Documentary that returns to Sheffield’s City Sauna, revealing more of the day-to-day workings of the only licensed massage parlour run by a mother and daughter duo on the city’s ‘golden mile of sex’. Operating in a converted pub, owner mum Kath and manager daughter Jenni specialise […]

Greenlit: I Do at 92, Channel 4

I Do at 92 (1 x 60′) – Follows three spirited elderly couples who are set to tie the knot and show to all that no matter how old you are, it’s never late for love. It follows their excitement as well their fears as they tackle the challenges of getting down the aisle and […]

Greenlit: Taxi of Mum & Dad, Channel 4

Taxi of Mum & Dad (1 x 60’) –  Uses a fixed car rig to peer through the windscreen and eavesdrops on the complex relationships between families. Parents have to compete with technology at home for their teens’ attention and rarely have the opportunity to catch up and connect as a family. But there is […]

Greenlit: Trans Mission, Channel 4

Trans Mission w/t (4 x 60′) – Series that takes a detailed look at the experience of transitioning from one gender to another. Filmed across two years, the series follows a group of people as they each share their own incredibly personal and challenging journey to change gender in this television first. The series documents […]

Greenlit: Bruce Springsteen Documentary, Channel 4

Bruce Springsteen w/t (1 x 90′) –  A documentary with exclusive access to Bruce Springsteen that reveals the man behind the music. With home video from his youth, and footage from his early years performing solo in Greenwich Village, this documentary gives a unique insight into the man as well as the musician. In intimate […]

Greenlit: Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds, Channel 4

Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds w/t (2 x 60′) – Social isolation is one of the biggest problems for the elderly in care homes, with over 60% of residents having never received a single visitor. This has a huge impact on their health, wellbeing and even life expectancy. Based on an existing American scheme, […]

Greenlit: The Rolling Stones Olé Olé Olé!: A Trip Across Latin America, Channel 4

The Rolling Stones Olé Olé Olé!: A Trip Across Latin America  – A feature documentary that follows The Rolling Stones’ tour of early 2016 through 10 Latin American cities. The film combines electrifying live performances from across the tour and from their historic tour finale as the first ever rock band to perform in Havana, […]

Greenlit: How to be Mortgage Free: Design your way out of Debt, Channel 4

How to be Mortgage Free: Design your way out of Debt w/t –  Property expert Sarah Beeny, architect Damion Burrows and designer Max McMurdo, meet individuals from across the UK who are self-building unconventional homes for themselves and their families with one aim in mind – to be mortgage free. Funded by savings or profit […]

Greenlit: Pearl Harbour: The Truth, Channel 4

 Pearl Harbour: The Truth – Documentary to mark the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbour, which tells the untold story behind the failure to stop the Japanese attack. Directed by Christopher Spencer (Race for the White House, Son of God), the documentary is a political thriller that reveals new insight into who was actually to blame […]

Greenlit: Rivers with Jeremy Paxman, Channel 4

Rivers with Jeremy Paxman  w/t (4 x 60′) – Jeremy Paxman travels the length of four of the UK’s greatest rivers. In each episode Jeremy will embark on a journey along a different river – The Tweed, The Mersey, The Severn and The Thames. Along the way he’ll tell their story, explore the landscapes they’ve […]

Greenlit: War Child, Channel 4

War Child w/t – Documentary following the stories of four child refugees as they attempt to make their way from their war-torn homes in the Middle East and Afghanistan to safety in Europe. The story is told from the point of view of the children, all of whom speak English, as they embark on their […]

Greenlit: My Beauty Secret, Channel 4

My Beauty Secret w/t (1 x 60′) – Katie Piper shines a light on the nation’s attitude towards people with visible facial conditions and explore their different experiences living with them. Whether it’s a Port Wine Stain or Rosacea; Vitiligo or Alopecia; scars or something else entirely, for some living with these conditions has an […]

Greenlit: The Last Heroes of the Somme, Channel 4

The Last Heroes of the Somme w/t (1 x 60′) – Tells the forgotten story of the final Battle of the Somme. November 13th 1916 saw the day of the final major British offensive of the Somme. This documentary will tell the forgotten stories of the men who helped turn the brutal battle of attrition […]

Greenlit: Home Front Heroes wit Ian Lavender, Channel 4

Home Front Heroes with Ian Lavender  (1 x 60′) – Presented by Ian Lavender, a national treasure best loved for his portrayal of Pike in Dad’s Army, this documentary wexamines the most famous part of the domestic effort during the second World War. The Home Front was vital to the war effort. The war was […]

Greenlit: The World’s Most Identical Strangers, Channel 4

The World’s Most Identical Strangers w/t (1 x 60′) – It is thought that for every face, there are seven doppelgänger matches around the world. Social media is fuelling a huge global phenomenon of people searching for their doppelgängers. The phenomenon has also caught the attention of leading twin-experts at the Department of Twin Research […]

Greenlit: The Best Place To Live, Channel 4

The Best Place To Live w/t – Documentary that goes on a quest to find the best place to live in the UK. Three million people migrate within Britain every year and most of them are young. For them, choosing where to raise a family, start a business, build a career, climb onto the housing ladder and settle […]

Greenlit: The Secret Life of the Holiday Resort, Channel 4

The Secret Life of the Holiday Resort w/t (3 x 60′)  – A warm-hearted look at what British people get up to on holiday in the sun and what it takes to keep us happy. In an extraordinary summer when we voted to leave the EU, and when a record 10 million Brits flocked to […]

Greenlit: Cold Case Unit, Channel 4

Cold Case Unit (3 x 60′) – Docuseries with access to Scotland’s specialist Cold Case Unit (CCU) and Police Scotland investigative teams. The Cold Case Unit was created in 2011 at the instruction of Scotland’s Chief prosecutor, the then Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland, to assist prosecutors from Scotland’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) and […]

Greenlit: Your Face Says It All, Channel 4

Your Face Says It All (3 x 60′) – Gives unparalleled insight into our greatest defining feature – The Face. With a combination of cutting-edge science, innovative graphics and personal testimony, this genre-busting series will show you the human face as it’s never been seen before. Faces fascinate us, our own, other people’s, the stars whose […]

Greenlit: Katherine Ryan, How Did You Get So Rich, Channel 4

How Did You Get So Rich (6 x 45′) – Comedian Katherine Ryan meets the wealthy, the super-wealthy and the super-duper-wealthy both in the UK and overseas, learning the answer to the burning question: “How did you get so rich?” We’ve seen how ‘the 1%’ spends their hard earned money, but in this quizzical new […]

Greenlit: Jon Richardson’s Dead Worried, Channel 4

Jon Richardson’s Dead Worried  w/t  (1 x 60′) –  We love to worry about things in Britain, and in a world where fear dominates the news, it’s hard to know which headlines to believe. We’re all going to die, that’s a fact, but the question is what is more likely to kill us – ISIS […]

Greenlit: The Avant Gardener, Channel 4

The Avant Gardener w/t (3 x 60′) –  Award-winning autistic garden designer Alan Gardner credits his success to what he calls ‘his gift,’ the fact that he has autism. In this series, he takes on some of Britain’s most unloved gardens. Using his uniquely quirky horticultural skills and years of experience, Alan will create bespoke, […]

Greenlit: Freedom: George Michael, Channel 4

Freedom: George Michael  w/t (1 x 90′) – Feature documentary that covers an eventful five year period in George Michael’s life. This period saw a complete change where he was able to grow as an artist and finally take full control of his life as well as his career. He fell in love for the first […]

Greenlit: The Ultimate Shopping List with Michel Roux Jr., Channel 4

The Ultimate Shopping List with Michel Roux Jr – The Michelin Star chef will be joined by a range of industry experts as he compiles a guide to the best food and drink products available in Britain. Across the series, Michel will look at products available across the board – from top range, expensive to own […]

Greenlit: Jon Richardson’s Dead Worried, Channel 4

Jon Richardson’s Dead Worried w/t (1 x 60′) – We love to worry about things in Britain, and in a world where fear dominates the news, it’s hard to know which headlines to believe. We’re all going to die, that’s a fact, but the question is what is more likely to kill us – ISIS or sausages? This […]

Greenlit: Britain’s Coastal Railways with Julie Walters, Channel 4

Britain’s Coastal Railways with Julie Walters w/t (4 x 60′) – One of the country’s most adored actors, Julie Walters, travels the most beautiful and interesting stretches of coastal railway routes in the UK. The series sees her take the train for a magical mystery tour around our shores, getting lost in dramatic landscapes, uncovering surprising […]

Greenlit: The Poygamist, Channel 4

The Polygamist w/t (4 x 60′) –  Documentary series that features an extraordinary group of Fundamentalist Mormons living in the heart of the Utah desert. The series has been given unprecedented access to a unique community of 15 families who live in homes carved into the face of a vast sandstone rock. Over half of the residents practice […]

Greenlit: Million Dollar Car Hunters, BBC Brit / Channel 4

Million Dollar Car Hunters (10 x 60′) – This exciting new series will give audiences exclusive access into the extraordinary and high class world of RM Sotheby’s, the world’s biggest classic car auctioneer. The series follows the firm’s employees and the climactic journey they go on to hunt down some of the world’s most iconic […]

Greenlit: Jamie’s Super Food, Channel 4

Jamie’s Super Food (6 x 30′) – Jamie Oliver is on a mission to create ultimate recipes for family favourite dishes that are packed with goodness, nutritionally balanced and, of course, super-easy to put together. He’ll be exploring some of the places where people are the healthiest and live the longest – including the South […]

Greenlit: Tavistock, Channel 4

Tavistock w/t (3 x 60′) – Reveals exclusive and unprecedented access at one of the world’s leading mental health trusts – The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust – for a ground breaking series that aims to shine a light on mental health in the nation’s children and young people. The series explores the unique […]

Greenlit: Extremely British Muslims, Channel 4

Extremely British Muslims w/t (3 x 60′) – As one of the largest mosques not only in the UK but in Western Europe, Birmingham Central Mosque plays a pivotal role in many aspects of community life – from births and funerals to marriage events and sharia council. This new series will explore the life of […]

Greenlit: Mutiny of the Bounty, Channel 4

Mutiny of the Bounty w/t – In a unique experiment, this series challenges 21st century men to re-live one of the greatest feats of maritime adventure and endurance in naval history. After the legendary Mutiny on the Bounty of 1789, Captain William Bligh and his loyal crewmen were cast adrift in the Pacific Ocean and […]

Greenlit: Youth, Channel 4

Youth w/t – An ambitious five-year longitudinal project charting the progress of bright teenagers from low-income families as they attempt to follow their dreams and push against the tide of seemingly insurmountable inequality facing them. The series comes in the wake of a recent government report which concluded Britain has among the worst social mobility […]

Greenlit: The Dog Father, Channel 4

The Dog Father w/t (1 x 60′ broadcast pilot) – Dog trainer Graeme Hall, aka The Dogfather has a mantra – any dog, any age, any problem. The programme will follow him as he travels across Britain to help train out of control dogs and their desperate owners transform their home life in the process. […]

Greenlit: Be Your Own Doctor, Channel 4

Be Your Own Doctor  (1 x pilot) –  A compelling and provocative health show to reflect the new ways we approach keeping healthy. Nowadays, a huge percentage of us don’t go to the doctor as our first port of call for medical advice, we go to Dr Google. There really is a lot we can […]

Greenlit: Roald Dahl’s Most Marvellous Book, Channel 4

Roald Dahl’s Most Marvellous Book (1 x 90′) – A celebration of Roald Dahl’s 10 best-selling children’s books that climaxes with the nation voting on their favourite. The marvellous books in question include Dahl classics such as Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, The Witches, Matilda the Twits and many more. Hosted by David […]

Greenlit: Hidden Kitchens, Channel 4

Hidden Kitchens w/t (4 x 60′) –  Far away from London’s fine dining scene, a very different type of restaurant is burgeoning in the UK. Passionate British chefs have taken to setting up kitchens in remote or secretive locations, which allow – or force – them to be extremely inventive in their cooking, while creating […]

Greenlit: Manhunt, Channel 4

Manhunt (4 x 90′) – Docuseries with extraordinary access to the Major Crime Unit of Thames Valley Police, the largest non-metropolitan force in the UK which deals with a population of over 2 million people. Each episode will focus on the hunt for one criminal, as we follow the multi-disciplinary team and their investigative and forensic […]

Greenlit: One Punch, Channel 4

One Punch w/t (1 x 60’) – Explores the phenomenon of a one punch kill, a single hit that can have dire consequences. From a row over a parking space in a local Asda car-park, an unanticipated fight outside a nightclub to an argument at a teenage house party these singular moments result in one […]

Greenlit: Parenting For Idiots, Channel 4

Parenting for Idiots (3 x 60′) – Shines a humorous spotlight on the ever-widening gap between what parents think bringing a baby in to the world will be like – and the reality of nappies, tantrums, health & safety nightmares and the swearing and drinking often required to get through it all. The series will […]

Greenlit: The Trials of Troy, Channel 4

The Trials of Troy (1 x 60′) – In this one off special, the magician will be set a seemingly impossible challenge: to create a jaw dropping illusion that combines magic with a death-defying stunt. Troy will have no idea what the challenge is until the clock starts ticking. He will then have just two […]

Greenlit: First Dates Hotel, Channel 4

First Dates Hotel – Maître D’ Fred Siriex and his team will welcome a whole host of hopeful singletons from all over the UK. First Dates Hotel will follow blind dates with a difference in a romantically charged boutique hotel in the French countryside. This new series will include a brand new format where if […]

Greenlit: Stage School, E4

Stage School (30 x 30′) – Structured reality series that follows the lives of the students and teachers at the prestigious D&B Academy of Performing Arts in Kent. The show will feature the ups and downs of those trying to make it in the world of showbusiness, the bitching, back stabbing and romances, along with […]

Greenlit: The Good Terrorist, Channel 4

The Good Terrorist w/t (1 x 60′) – In the early 1960s John Harris blazed a trail as a prominent anti-apartheid activist. He even helped to get South Africa barred from the Olympics. But in July 1964 everything changed. Harris placed a bomb in Johannesburg station, hoping to deal Apartheid a crushing blow. Instead, he […]

Greenlit: Surrounded by the Taliban, Channel 4

Surrounded by the Taliban (1 x 60′) – In Afghanistan, in 2006, a small Band of Brothers called Easy Company fought one of the most intense battles in British military history. It happened in a remote desert town called Musa Qala. For more than fifty days they were trapped in a small compound, outgunned, outnumbered, […]