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Greenlit: Nashville: Country Capital, BBC4

Nashville: Country Capital (1 x 60′ ) gets under the skin of Nashville, the Hollywood of country music. Nashville is the city of dreams – and big business – to which all country music gravitates and from where it makes its way to the outside world. Exploring the evolution of country music from the 1920s […]

Greenlit: The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins, BBC4

The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins (1 x 60′) –  In the early 1960s, American neuroscientist John Lilly began attempts to communicate with dolphins, by teaching them to speak English. To perform the experiment, he built a large white concrete house on the coast of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, and hired a […]

Greenlit: The History of Contemporary Dance, BBC4

The History Of Contemporary Dance – Brings together the dance community in a new documentary. Channel: BBC4 Producer:  Fresh One Productions in partnership with Sadler’s Wells TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: The Golden Age of Singing, BBC4

The Golden Age Of Singing  – Sees Sir Antonio Pappano explore the story of the classical voice across the last 500 years Channel: BBC4 TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: Tearing Up History, BBC4

Tearing Up History  – A journey through the dramatic and destructive years of the French Revolution, telling history in a way not seen before – through the extraordinary story of its art. Our guide through this turbulent decade is the constantly surprising Dr Richard Clay, an art historian who has spent his life decoding the […]

Greenlit: The Music That Made Britain – Patriotism, Pleasure And Perfection, BBC4

The Music That Made Britain – Patriotism, Pleasure And Perfection w/t (3 x 60′) – Suzy Klein, broadcaster and BBC Radio 3 presenter, charts English music’s increased credibility with the fashionable upper classes in the 1700s along with the rise of the fashionable ‘English Oratorio’. It examines the emergence of mass popularity of music in […]

Greenlit: The First Georgians: The German Kings Who Made Britain, BBC4

The First Georgians: The German Kings Who Made Britain w/t (3 x 60′)  – Three hundred years ago the Hanoverians succeeded to the British throne. This series presents the surprising story of Britain in the reigns of George I and George II – the age of the ‘German Georges’. Lucy Worsley will reveal how this […]

Greenlit: Dirt, BBC4

Dirt (1 x 60′) –  What is it that makes this thin and fragile layer of ‘stuff’ that covers some of our planet able to sustain life on Earth? In a new science programme presented by Chris Beardshaw, we delve into the micro-world of soil to reveal what it is, how it works and why […]

Greenlit: Magic of Mushrooms, BBC4

Magic of Mushrooms (1 x 60′) – Mushroom enthusiast Professor Richard Fortey explores the strange and surprising science of fungi, unlocking the astonishing story of their evolution, their mysterious life cycle and their value to both the planet and us. In a purpose-built mushroom lab, Richard and mycologist Dr Patrick Hickey investigate the secret life […]

Greenlit: The Wonder of Bees With Martha Kearney, BBC4

The Wonder Of Bees with Martha Kearney (4 x 60′) – Follows Martha Kearney through her bee-keeping year, exploring the science, art and culture of the honey bee – the most ingenious insect known to humankind. As a keen amateur with no training, Martha is determined to become an expert beekeeper and harvest her first […]

Greenlit: Everyday Eden: A Potted History of the Suburban Garden, BBC4

Everyday Eden: A Potted History Of The Suburban Garden  – Because it’s not grand, the story of the suburban garden has barely been told – and yet 8 out of 10 people in England live in the suburbs. Writer and historian Michael Collins delivers a riposte to the urban intelligentsia who have spent a century […]

Greenlit: British Gardens in Time, BBC4

British Gardens In Time (4 x 60′) – This series explores four iconic gardens. From Christopher Lloyd’s Arts and Craft Great Dixter to Georgian Stowe and from Victorian Biddulph Grange to the quintessentially English Nyman’s, this series brings these four glorious gardens to life. Featuring garden designer Chris Beardshaw, historian Andrea Wulf and National Trust […]

Greenlit: Good Swan, Bad Swan: Dancing Swan Lake, BBC4

Good Swan, Bad Swan: Dancing Swan Lake  (1 x 60′) –  Tamara Rojo, world-famous ballerina and Artistic Director of English National Ballet, will take viewers backstage as she prepares for one of classical ballet’s biggest challenges, the dual lead in Swan Lake. It is the ultimate role for any dancer requiring her to play the […]

Greenlit: Secrets of the Dolphin House, BBC4

Secrets of The Dolphin House (1 x 50′) –  Documentary that explores an extraordinary inter-species experiment which took place in the 1960s. In 1965, physicist and neuroscientist John Lilly began a unique experiment, in which a fully grown male bottle-nosed dolphin and a young woman lived together, 24 hours a day, in a flooded house. […]

Greenlit: Dancing in the Blitz: How WW2 Made British Ballet, BBC4

Dancing In The Blitz: How WW2 Made British Ballet  (1 x 60′) – David Bintley, Director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, explores how the Second World War was the making of British ballet and how fundamental the years of hardship and adversity were in getting the British public to embrace ballet. Bintley shows how the […]

Greenlit: Fonteyn ’59: Sleeping Beauty, BBC4

Fonteyn ’59: Sleeping Beauty (1 x 60′) – Prima ballerina Darcey Bussell introduces the highlights from Sleeping Beauty, a hidden treasure of the BBC archive featuring legendary ballerina Margot Fonteyn in the leading role, in this unique performance from the 1950s. The original BBC Television version was specially produced and shot in a studio for […]

Greenlit: The Man Who Fought the Planners: The Story of Ian Nairn, BBC4

The Man Who Fought The Planners: The Story Of Ian Nairn  (1 x 60′) –  This programme looks back at Ian Nairn, who in the 1950s, was part of a new breed of Angry Young Men. Aged just 25 and fresh out of the RAF, he burst onto the architectural scene with Outrage, a blistering […]

Greenlit: The Brits Who Built the Modern World, BBC4

The Brits Who Built The Modern World (3 x 60′) – The definitive story of five of the most successful and globally recognised British architects of all time: Richard Rogers, Norman Foster, Nicholas Grimshaw, Michael Hopkins and Terry Farrell. The series will gives insights into how their youthful dreams of building a better world turned […]

Out: Janice Hadlow, Controller, BBC2 & BBC4

Janice Hadlow, Controller of BBC Two and BBC Four, is to step down from her role and take up a new post within the BBC. In her new role as Controller, Special Projects and Seasons, she will develop and originate high impact cross-platform series, seasons and other major television events. Janice will also advise Danny […]

Greenlit: After the Dance, BBC4

Storyville: After the Dance (1 x feature doc) – Daisy Asquith directs a documentary that explores her family history, focusing on how her unmarried grandmother was forced to give up her baby for adoption in Ireland. Channel: BBC4 / Irish Film Board Producer: Roads Entertainment TX: Spring 2014 Source: Broadcast 

Greenlit: Fossil Wonderlands: Nature’s Hidden Treasures, BBC4

Fossil Wonderlands: Nature’s Hidden Treasures  (3 x 60′) –  Professor Richard Fortey explores the distant past, locked in stone, in . He travels to some of the greatest fossil sites on earth to discover more about the distant past. He journeys high into the Rocky Mountains to explore a 520-million-year-old fossilised seabed containing bizarre and […]

Greenlit: Hormones, BBC4

Hormones  – Professor John Wass examines the well-known but little-understood chemicals that govern our bodies and shape who we are. From our weight and appetite to how we grow and reproduce, hormones are a crucial part of what makes us human, even affecting how we behave and feel. They are also among the body’s most […]

Greenlit: Dissected, BBC4

Dissected (2 x 60′) – Dr George McGavin explores two of the most amazing body parts in the natural world: human hands and feet. In Dissected: The Incredible Human Hand and Dissected: The Incredible Human Foot, he is joined by leading anatomy experts in a specially created dissection lab. Layer by layer, the team take […]

Greenlit: Infested, BBC4

Infested – Michael Mosley itches and scratches his way to a greater understanding of our relationship with parasites. Found in almost every animal on earth, the connection between animal and host is everywhere in nature. This most complex and intimate of relationships is a delicate balancing act, where the parasite must extract the food they […]

Greenlit: Michael Grade’s Stars of the Musical Theatre, BBC4

Michael Grade’s Stars of the Musical Theatre (1 x 60′) –  Michael Grade explores the appeal of musical theatre productions such asOklahoma! and West Side Story and talks to some of the biggest names in musical theatre, such as Michael Ball, Elaine Paige and Trevor Nunn. Channel: BBC4 Producer: Finestripe Productions TX: Late 2013 Source: […]

Greenlit: In Search Of Blind Joe Death: The Saga Of John Fahey, BBC4

In Search Of Blind Joe Death: The Saga Of John Fahey (1 x  60′) – Exploration of the great ‘Primitivist’ guitarist John Fahey, who pioneered independent labels with his Takoma imprint, forged a unique guitar style that would build on early blues masters, indian music and eventually industrial music. Fahey was also key in the rediscovery […]

Greenlit: Big Bill Broonzy: The Man Who Brought The Blues To Britain, BBC4

Big Bill Broonzy: The Man Who Brought The Blues To Britain (1 x  60′) – Biography of Big Bill Broonzy, the American who brought the blues to 1950s Britain and went on to inspire a generation of musicians. Itmixes rare footage with archive and specially-shot live performances to trace the colourful and sometimes disturbing past […]

Greenlit: Blues America, BBC4

Blues America (2 x  60′) –  Narrated by Huey Morgan and produced by rock photographer and documentarian Mick Gold, this star-studded series sets out to explore how the blues crossed borders and shows that it was not based only in racial oppression and rural poverty but also entertainment, dancing and sexual excitement. The first programme […]

Greenlit: Light and Dark, BBC4

Light and Dark (2 x 60′) – Explores how scientists have uncovered the secrets of our universe by using and manipulating light. Presented by Professor Jim Al-Khalili, the series reveals how light was used to make spectacular discoveries about our place in the cosmos. But he’ll also show that the universe visible to the human […]

Greenlit: Writers of the Somme, BBC4

Writers Of The Somme (1 x 60′) – This documentary  tells the story of the battle through the experiences and words of the poets and writers who took part. Using animation, readings and contributions from historians, poets, biographers and descendants, Writers Of The Somme shows how their writing was inspired by specific locations and events, ultimately changing […]

Greenlit: Artists of War, BBC4

Artists Of War (3 x 60′) –  Presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, this documentary series explores the life and work of three great but often neglected British artists – Walter Sickert, David Bomberg and Paul Nash. Each artist will be the subject of a programme examining their relationship with some of the major events of the […]

Greenlit: Tommy and Jerry’s Camera, BBC4

Tommy and Jerry’s Camera (1 x 60′) – This documentary reveals the extraordinary stories behind the photographs taken by British and German soldiers during World War One. Tens of thousands of British and German soldiers marched off to war in 1914 with VPKs (Vest Pocket Kodaks) concealed in their coats, thinking the war would be […]

Greenlit: The Silk Road, BBC4

The Silk Road (1 x 60′) – Documentary that explores the events that led to the arrest of Ross Ulbricht who founded a  website where people could buy drugs and guns. Channel: BBC4 Producer: Vice / Raw TV TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Sleepover at the Zoo, BBC4

Sleepover at the Zoo (1 x 90’) –  A distinctive television event which will allow us to see the fascinating – and surprisingly lively – world of animal sleep, as a team of experts stays up all night to track – hour by hour – the diverse sleep patterns of a host of animals. Sleep […]

Greenlit: The Poet Who Loved The War: Ivor Gurney, BBC4

The Poet Who Loved The War: Ivor Gurney (1 x 60′) – When the Great War broke out, poet Ivor Gurney’s life changed utterly – for the better. Making use of a cache of newly discovered poems, this film tells the remarkable story of the writer with the fastest growing reputation of the entire Western Front soldier-poet […]

Greenlit: Art of China, BBC4

Art Of China – Andrew Graham-Dixon discovers an extraordinarily rich heritage of art and culture in China. As China’s economy and political influence grows, Chinese art is increasingly making itself felt across the world – but remains little understood in the West. This three part series combines an appreciation of Chinese art from 1,700 BC […]

Greenlit: Art of Australia, BBC4

Art Of Australia (3 x 60′) –  Edmund Capon – former director and chief curator of the Art Gallery of New South Wales – explores the story of Australian art through the country’s rich cultural traditions stretching back 30,000 years. Across three themed episodes, The Art Of Australia looks at how art, history and identity are […]

Greenlit: The Private Lives of Medieval Brtiain, BBC4

The Private Lives Of Medieval Britain – Historian and author Helen Castor, presenter of the popular series She-Wolves, explores how the people of the Middle Ages handled the most fundamental moments of transition in life: birth, marriage and death. In doing so she reveals how people in the medieval world thought and what they believed in. […]

Greenlit: The Lost World of Rapa Nui, BBC4

The Lost World Of Rapa Nui – Dr Jago Cooper presents a new history of one of the world’s most enigmatic, and controversial civilisations – from birth to death. Exploring new archaeological evidence about Rapa Nui, the most isolated habitable piece of land in the world, also known as Easter Island, he shows the civilisation […]

Greenlit: An Ocean of Air, BBC4

An Ocean of Air (1 x 60′) – A film that sets out to show who rightly deserves the title of ‘the true discoverer of oxygen’. Using reconstructions, archive and experiments, chemist Gabrielle Walker will trace the remarkable and personal journeys of three leading contenders before making her choice as to who deserves the accolade. […]

Greenlit: Hanoverians: The First Georges, BBC4

Hanoverians: The First Georges  (3 x 60′) – 2014 marks the 300th anniversary of the Hanoverian succession to the British throne. To mark the occasion, the BBC and Royal Collection Trust are embarking on a unique partnership – encompassing a three-part series presented by Dr Lucy Worsley and an exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham […]

Greenlit: Eighteenth Century Music, BBC4

Eighteenth Century Music – Presented by Suzy Klein, broadcaster and Radio 3 In Tune presenter, this series will chart the social, cultural and political context of Britain and how this was reflected in the powerful music of this era. The series will begin by exploring English music’s increased credibility with the fashionable upper classes in […]

Greenlit: MLK: The Assassination Tapes, Smithsonian Networks / BBC4

MLK: The Assassination Tapes (1 x 60′ ) –  Documentary that explores what happened in the lead up to the death of Martin Luther King. Channel: Smithsonian Networks / BBC4 Producer: 1895 Films TX: August 2013 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: The Joy of Honey, BBC4

The Joy of Honey (4 x 30′) –  Presenter-turned-apiarist Martha Kearney sets out to produce her own honey to sell at a village fair. Channel: BBC4 Producer: ITN Productions TX: 2014 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Mothers, Murderers and Mistresses: Empresses of Ancient Rome, BBC4

Mothers, Murderers and Mistresses: Empresses of Ancient Rome (3 x 60′) – Documentary series telling the dramatic story of how exceptional women came to stand at the epicentre of imperial power. The series is presented by Professor Catharine Edwards, Birkbeck, University of London. Catharine travels across the empire, from its heart in Rome to its […]

Greenlit: The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women, BBC3

The Man Who Shot Beautiful Women (1 x 60′) – Model Erin O’Connor narrates a documentary about the photographer Erwin Blumenfeld, who shot hundreds of images for Vogue in the mid-20th century before dying in mysterious circumstances. Channel: BBC4 Producer: Thinking Violets / BBC In-House TX: 2013 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Handmade in Britain: Fabric, BBC4

Handmade in Britain: Fabric – In the fourth and final installment of the critically acclaimed partnership with the V&A, Handmade In Britain explores fabric with three vibrant films. Really Ripping Yarn looks back at the golden age of British knitting, and the way knitting – a craft that has captured our national spirit – came […]

Greenlit: King Ludwig’s Fairytale Palaces, BBC4

King Ludwig’s Fairytale Palaces – In the late 19th century, King Ludwig II of Bavaria created a series of extraordinary and extravagant castles that were described as ‘so ridiculous they are beyond all taste’. In this new film, Dan Cruickshank looks afresh at these fantastical buildings, believing that beneath the gaudy exterior was the work […]

Greenlit: China in Six Easy Pieces, BBC4

China in Six Easy Pieces –  In a vivid exploration of stunningly crafted Chinese porcelain, Lars Tharp journeys across China to show how six beautiful but mysterious objects can illuminate unknown worlds within China – the religious orders, scholarly life, the military, trade, the Imperial court, and Chinese society today. Channel: BBC4 TX: 2013/2014 Source: […]

Greenlit: The World of Faberge, BBC4

The World of Faberge –  Looking at the story of jeweller to the Tsars, Peter Carl Faberge, this single episode film presented by Stephen Smith is a celebration of how his Faberge Eggs and other precious confections became some of the most coveted objects in the world. Filming in Paris, Dresden and Russia, Smith investigates […]

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