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In Development: True Crime Series, Peacock Productions

True Crime Series w/t – NBC News’ Peacock Productions has signed a deal with Denise Brown, sister of the late Nicole Brown Simpson whose death was at the center of the infamous O.J. Simpson murder trial, to develop a new true crime series. As part of the unscripted series, Brown and a team of experts will […]

True Crime Channel Launched in UK

Sony Pictures Television has announced that it is launching a brand new UK channel, True Crime, on Tuesday 22nd March, 2016. Available on Freeview channel 60, True Crime will host back-to-back crime related programming, making it the platform’s only dedicated crime channel. Hosting a schedule packed with gripping real life stories, unexpected murder mysteries and […]

Greenlit: True Crime with Aphrodite Jones, Investigation Discovery

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones ( x60′) – Crime writer Aphrodite Jones investigates the most notorious US crime mysteries such as the Zodiac Killer. Channel: Investigation Discovery TX: 11th March 2010 Source: C21

Greenlit: True Grime: Crime Scene Clean Up, Investigation Discovery

True Grime: Crime Scene Clean Up (aka Cleaning Up) (3 x ) – Docuseries following the work of crime scene cleaning husband and wife team. Channel: Investigation Discovery Producer: New Wave Entertainment TX: 19th July 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Cybercrimes with Ben Hammersley, BBC World News

Cybercrimes with Ben Hammersley (6 x ) – A major new series presented by technologist Ben Hammersley, that explores a global threat that could impact us all. It delves into the dark world of hacking, now home to a new generation of highly organised cybercriminals running complex commercial enterprises, involving leaders, planners, engineers, infantry and hired […]

Greenlit: A Town and Country Murder, Crime & Investigation

 A Town and Country Murder (aka globally as  A Very British Murder) (8 x 60′) – Documentary series that explores gruesome rural murders in the UK and the impact they’ve had on society. Channel: Crime & Investigation Producer: Flame Television TX: 2013 Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Greenlit: Reel Crime/Real Story, Investigation Discovery

Reel Crime/Real Story (3 x 60′) – Series hosted by legal champion and biopic subject Erin Brockovich that uncovers the true facts and real personalities behind iconic crime-and-justice movies that have become a part of our pop culture. Featuring the headline-stealing homicides that inspired Hollywood hits, it reveals the true tales on which award-winning films […]

Greenlit: When Life Means Life, Crime & Investigation

When Life Means Life (6 x60′) – Documentary series that interviews police, forensic investigators and victims families and a forensic psychologist to build up a picture of the British prisoners who will never leave prison. Channel: Crime & Investigation Producer: True North TX: April 2012 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Crimes of Passion, Investigation Discovery

Crimes of Passion w/t – These are true stories of the ultimate betrayal: when lovers become predators and seducers aim to destroy. With penetrating insight from experts, including lead investigators and forensic psychologists, Crimes of Passion delves into the twisted minds of sociopaths and manipulators who lay on the charm while they masquerade as harmless […]

Greenlit: Real Crime / Reel Story, Investigation Discovery

Real Crime / Real Story w/t – America’s obsession with movies is unending, but its fascination with true stories is what makes ID the fastest growing cable network on television. This series uncovers the truth behind popular crime-and-justice movies that have become part of the fabric of pop culture. The first episode introduces show host […]

Greenlit: Killer Couples, Crime and Investigation Network

Killer Couples (6x) Channel: Crime and Investigation Network Producer: True North Source: C21

Greenlit: Killer in the Family, Crime and Investigation Network

Killer in the Family (6x) Channel: Crime and Investigation Network Producer: True North Source: C21

Greenlit: Mommy Dead and Dearest, HBO

Mommy Dead and Dearest –  True crime documentary that tells the tragic, headline-grabbing story of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Things are not always as they appear, especially in the case of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose, and what starts out as a grisly tale of matricide morphs into a rabbit hole of deception. […]

Greenlit: Rhymes & Misdemeanors, Spotify

Rhymes & Misdemeanors –   In each episode of this true crime series, we profile a notorious crime from the music world.  From the PCP-fueled cannibalism of rapper Big Lurch to the murder-for-hire plot hatched by the singer of metal band As I Lay Dying, we’ll get the full story of how some of music’s […]

Greenlit: Thou Shalt Not, TV One

Thou Shalt Not ( x 60′) – A true crime series that pulls back the curtain on individuals who commit the gravest of sins: breaking God’s Ten Commandments. Murders, scandals, cover-ups, and deadly affairs are just a few of the crimes in each episode’s juicy portrayal of Godless behavior. Full of shocking reveals and heart-stopping […]

Greenlit: Killing Fields, Discovery

Killing Fields –  There are isolated places in America that appear untouched by anyone. But underneath the surface, these beautiful landscapes reveal a much more sinister reality – a dumping ground for bodies and a home to countless unsolved murders. This true crime series takes viewers inside an active criminal investigation as it unfolds. Shot in real […]

Greenlit: The Wives Did It, Investigation Discovery

The Wives Did It (3 x 60′ ) –  One man. Many wives. From the outside, it’s a cozy picture of contented sister-wives raising a house full of kids. But, on the inside, it can become more “sister-knives” – with sizzling bitter rivalries, simmering tensions and surging jealousies. This series takes viewers inside the homes of polygamist […]

Greenlit: Unstoppable, TV One

Unstoppable – A rousing true crime series profiling heroic men and women who stopped at nothing to find justice for a murdered loved one.  The show plunges viewers into the first-person account of these brave individuals as they launch their own investigations, immerse themselves in dangerous manhunts and meet face-to-face with suspected killers – all […]

Greenlit: For My Man, TV One

For My Man ( x 60′) – According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 200,000 women in the United States are living behind bars. This true crime series that features the shocking stories of women who have been arrested for crimes they committed in the name of love. From a killing spree across […]

Greenlit: Do Not Disturb, Hotel Horrors, Investigation Discovery

Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horrors – Welcome to the real-life Bates Motel where guests check in…but, don’t always check out. Stories straight out of horror films that gave you nightmares are now coming to life in this new true-crime series, featuring real life chilling cases of hotel murders. Viewers experience some of the most twisted […]

In Development: Georgeous and Guilty! Oxygen

Gorgeous and Guilty!  w/t –  A companion piece to the hit Oxygen series Snapped this is a true crime show that investigates the twisted minds of beautiful women tangled up in the scandals of the century. Not every case is cut and dry as each episode focuses on a vicious vixen in trouble with the […]

Greenlit: Hunting Justice with M. William Phelps, Investigation Discovery

Hunting Justice with M. William Phelps w/t – Retrace unsolved slayings through the eyes of two obsessive investigators, “True Crime” author M. William Phelps and psychologist/criminal profiler John Kelly, who attempt to piece together a killer’s profile by reconstructing their crime and exposing its key elements. Phelps does most of the legwork like a gumshoe […]

Greenlit: Homicide for the Holidays, Oxygen

Homicide for the Holidays (4 x 60′) –  Delves into the terrifying twists, turns and tell-alls that reveal how tumultuous the holiday season can be. F For most, the winter holidays mean bringing family and friends together to eat, drink, and create joyous memories to last a lifetime; but, for others, it’s a time where […]

Greenlit: Murder in the Heartland: In Cold Blood Revisited, Sundance TV

Murder in the Heartland: In Cold Blood Revisited  w/t (4 x 60′) – Docuseries focused on the brutal murder of the Clutter family in a small Kansas town in 1959, the resulting investigation, convictions and executions of Perry Smith and Richard Hickock, chronicled in Truman Capote’s landmark book, In Cold Blood. The series will present […]

Greenlit: Manhunt, Channel 4

Manhunt (4 x 90′) – Docuseries with extraordinary access to the Major Crime Unit of Thames Valley Police, the largest non-metropolitan force in the UK which deals with a population of over 2 million people. Each episode will focus on the hunt for one criminal, as we follow the multi-disciplinary team and their investigative and forensic […]

Greenlit: Unprotected, Oxygen

Unprotected ( x 30′) – This doc-comedy follows the Cantarellas, a former crime family raising two teenagers, who have left the witness protection program to settle into the very suburban and retiree lifestyle of their new hometown of Scottsdale, AZ. Over the course of the season, viewers will see them adapting to their unfamiliar surroundings […]

Greenlit: National Enquirer Investigates, Reelz

National Enquirer Investigates  – Makes viewers question everything they thought they knew about the most sensational crimes and celebrity scandals in Hollywood history. Could new evidence prove once and for all that Natalie Wood was murdered? Is there a never-before-uncovered eyewitness who saw O.J. Simpson at Nicole Brown’s house that fateful night? Were Whitney Houston […]

Greenlit: Evidence of Innocence, TV One

Evidence of Innocence  –  A chilling documentary series that profiles the unbelievable true stories of individuals who were convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. But, these real-life heroes successfully fought to have their guilty verdicts thrown out and win back their freedom. Post-prison, these men now must reenter society to lead lives as husbands, fathers, […]

Greenlit: Dead Silent, Investigation Discovery

Dead Silent – A snap of a twig. A rustling leaf. In the woods, myth, urban legend, and horror collide with real-life killers. Transporting viewers into a vortex of dark mystery and psychological terror, each episode tells the true story of a crime set in a desolate location. Crazy Legs Productions Channel: Investigation Discovery Producer: Crazy […]

Greenlit: #killerpost, Oxygen

#killerpost –  Profiles true stories of the most jaw-dropping and shocking cases where social media activity has had dangerous and deadly consequences. Although the crimes differ in nature, they all share a common theme – social media posts were the catalysts for deadly repercussions. Through cinematic reenactments of both the crimes and stories behind them […]

Greenlit: Criminals at Work, BET

Criminals at Work (8 x 60′ ) – Explores shocking criminal acts committed in and around the workplace. Featuring eye-witness interviews, actual crime-scene footage and gripping reenactments, this series dramatically illustrates that that you may not really know your co-workers as well as you think. Each episode features two suspenseful true-life stories where unsuspecting everyday […]

Greenlit: Justice for MLK: The Hunt for James Earl Ray, AHC

Justice for MLK: The Hunt for James Earl Ray (1 x 120′)  The death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an event that shook the world, changed the face of America, and sparked one of the largest manhunts in the history of the FBI. This special explores the never-before-revealed details about the hunt through […]

Greenlit: Deep Water, SBS

Deep Water (feature-length) – Documentary presenting the full account of the gay hate crime epidemic that bloodied Sydney’s coastline during the 1980s and 1990s, and remains unsolved today. Channel: SBS (Australia) TX: Early 2016 Source: SBS press release

Greenlit: Murder Games, BBC3

Murder Games w/t  (1 x 90′) – A teenage boy is targeted by an online predator after befriending him while gaming. Murder Games tells the true story of Breck Bednar, a 14-year-old schoolboy who was lured to his death after being groomed online by Lewis Daynes. For the first time, in this gripping drama documentary, […]

Greenlit: Is Britain Racist? BBC3

Is Britain Racist? w/t  (1 x 60′ + digital shorts) –  Three quarters of us say we have no racial prejudices whatsoever, but is this really true? Race hate crimes are on the increase and the internet is brimming with evidence of racist incidents caught on camera phones. Are we saying one thing but doing […]

Greenlit: Natural Born Outlaws, American Heroes Channel

Natural Born Outlaws w/t – John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone: these are just some of America’s most notorious outlaws. Their violent crime sprees are the stuff of American legend, but there are two sides to every story and the heroic tales of the people who brought these criminals to justice remain untold… until […]

Greenlit: Hackers, Syfy

Hackers – Series that takes viewers deep inside the shadowy and dangerous world of high-tech hackers for the very first time. It reveals the secrets behind the most infamous cyber-crimes ever committed, using sophisticated, never-before-seen digital graphics to create an experiential “hacking” scene that exposes what actually happens when a computer network is broken into […]

Greenlit: Night Will Fall, HBO / Ch4 / ARTE / Channel 8 / ARD / TVP / VPRO / Keshet TV / DR TV / YLE / NRK / RTVSLO

Night Will Fall – A powerful documentary about the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps and the efforts made by combat and newsreel cameramen to document the almost unbelievable scenes encountered there. It uses original archive footage and eyewitness testimonies to tell the extraordinary story of the filming of the camps. The film also explores […]

Greenlit: Love the Way You Lie, Investigation Discovery

Love the Way You Lie (6 x 60′) – There may be two sides to every story but when it comes to murder, whose story will you believe? Inspired by the best-selling blockbuster novel, Gone Girl, this series brings viewers real life crime stories in which the truth is disputed. From suicides that could be staged, […]

Greenlit: Dead on Arrival, Investigation Discovery

Dead on Arrival ( x 60′)  Moving to the big city to chase your dreams is a classic American story. And every year, thousands of fresh-faced young men and women abandon their small town roots in favor of the uncertainty and chaos of urban life.  This series follows naïve newcomers who quickly learn that the city streets are […]

Greenlit: Meet the Psychopaths, Channel 5

Meet the Psychopaths (3 x 60′) – Documentary series that uses cutting-edge research and insight to reveal the true nature of the psychopath. There are an estimated 2.5 million psychopaths in the UK. In most the disorder goes unnoticed and undiagnosed. In some it is significantly disruptive. And, of course, it can lead to mayhem, […]

Greenlit: Your Worst Nightmare, Investigation Discovery

Your Worst Nightmare w/t – Nothing is what it seems. For these victims, something or someone evil is lurking in the shadows. This show presents spine-tingling stories and delivers true-crime thrillers in a cinematic style. Channel: Investigation Discovery TX: TBC Source: Discovery press release

Greenlit: Vanity Fair Confidential, Investigation Discovery

Vanity Fair Confidential (13 x 60′) -Whether we love them or love to hate them, there is something about the rich and powerful that keeps us fascinated. From their rise and fall to their outrageous lies, and even murder, Vanity Fair captures it all and we just can’t turn away. Now, the true stories we have all […]

Greenlit: Fingers in the Till, Channel 5

 Fingers In The Till (1 x 60′) – Money’s never been tighter and it seems if we can’t earn it at work, we’re prepared to steal it from work instead.  This film reveals the fast-growing trend of employee theft by exploring some of the most shocking cases – a stealing secretary, a corrupt council clerk […]

Greenlit: Death Row Stories, CNN

Death Row Stories (8 x 60′) – Susan Sarandon narrates a documentary series about America’s most compelling capital murder cases. Each episode will unravels a different capital murder case that has twists and turns worthy of a crime thriller.  All of these stories are true, and call into question the myriad of beliefs about the […]

Five Documentary Storytelling Styles Seen in 2013

Here’s a list of some of the most memorable documentary films I saw, roughly divided into narrative style; the films grouped at the top of the list I generally found most enjoyable and satisfying and within each group of similar films I’ve listed in order of preference from best to worst (my favourites are in bold). Of course this is highly subjective and some of the films I disliked intensely have won awards, so you’ll have to make up your own mind. Some films could easily be placed in a different category but I’ve put them in what seemed to be the most prominent storytelling style for that film.

However, whether you agree with my selection or not, we can learn from the different narrative approaches chosen by the filmmakers you may find inspiration to help you develop and shape your own films. Having a clear idea of how you are going to tell the story will help you pitch your idea to potential funders (and ulimately the audience) more effectively, and also help you keep on track schedule- and budget-wise. (Photo: Jingle Bell Rocks! courtesy of IDFA)

Greenlit: The Great Art Robbery, Channel 4

Derren Brown: The Great Art Robbery (1 x 60′) – Master illusionist and showman Derren Brown plans to pull off the perfect crime. He’s bet renowned art collector Ivan Massow that he can steal a painting from right under his nose. In true Derren style, he will tell Ivan exactly which painting he plans to […]

Greenlit: Elder Skelter, Investigation Discovery

Elder Skelter  – Too old to enjoy their riches, too old to keep dry britches, but not too old to snuff out some witches! Prepare to hide under your lap blanket, because this new series tells shocking stories of senior citizens who committed cold, calculated crimes. Did they suffer from dementia, or had they spent […]

Greenlit: Evil Kin, Investigation Discovery

Evil Kin (6 x ) – From fiery red hair to long, lean legs, it’s amazing to witness unique traits handed down the family line. But when a relative exhibits characteristics of a more malevolent manner, it raises an age-old debate with an unsettling twist: could nature have produced an evil mutation or has nurture […]

Greenlit: Surviving Evil, Slice (Canada)

Surviving Evil (10 x 60′) (World Premiere) – Real-life stories of how victims of violence fought back against their attackers and against the odds, survived.  Told in their own words, it’s an empowering and inspiring look at true-crime stories where the victim turns the tables on their assailant. Channel: Slice (Canada) TX: 30th August 2013 […]