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Greenlit: Killing Bigfoot, Destination America

Killing Bigfoot – Bobby Hamilton has been on the hunt for Bigfoot ever since encountering the monster as a child. Decades later, the world still doesn’t have definitive proof of Bigfoot’s existence, and that’s where Hamilton, his friend Jim Lansdale, and their team – known as the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization (GCBRO) – have […]

Greenlit: A Year in Space, PBS

A Year in Space (2 x 60′) – An adaptation of TIME’s original digital video series about astronaut Scott Kelly, whose current 12-month stay on the International Space Station (ISS) is testing human limits for space travel and laying the groundwork for a manned mission to Mars. The first installment tracks Scott Kelly’s mission from […]

Greenlit: Secrets of China, BBC3

Secrets of China (3 x 60′) –  Billie JD Porter finds out what it’s really like to grow up in the country with the highest population on Earth. She’ll discover a surprising nation of super-hard workers, romantics and millionaires, peeling back the layers of a sometimes secretive and proud society to ask “what next?” for […]

Greenlit: Ching: Amazing Asia, Food Network UK

Ching: Amazing Asia w/t (10 x 30′) –  Chef and food journalist Ching He-Huang travels to meet local chefs and sample their recipes in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Japan and Taiwan. Channel: Food Network UK / EMEA Producer: Sentient Films TX: Late 2015 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: A Very Public Education, ITV

A Very Public Education (2 x 60′) – Headteachers and pupils from state and private schools swap places to sample life and learning on the other side of the ‘education divide’. The series aims to look beyond the headlines that bluntly compare the academic performance and future prospects of children in the private and public […]

Greenlit: Life at the Extreme, ITV

Life At The Extreme (4 x 60′) – How do some of the most extraordinary animals on the planet survive in its most hostile environments? To find out, TV presenter Davina McCall travels to the hottest, coldest, deepest and wettest places on Earth to experience, first hand, life at the extreme. Humans think of themselves […]

Greenlit: What the Fung?! FYI

What the Fung?! (13 x 30′) –  Follows comedians and brothers, Andrew and David Fung, as they travel across America in search of the best local spots to eat. The Fung Brothers, take viewers on a comedic culinary journey as they eat their way across the US, all while attempting to eat like “ballers” on […]

Greenlit: Chanson: The Story of French Music with Petula Clark, BBC4

Chanson: The Story of French Music with Petula Clark (1  x 60′) – Petula Clark, who shot to stardom in France in the late 1950s, explores the story of the lyric-driven French chanson and looks at the reasons for its unprecedented longevity. Clark will meet the prodigious singers and artists who propelled the art form […]

How to Pitch and Sizzle

When pitching a TV show or independent documentary it is now almost impossible to get away without having to make a pitch tape of some sort (sometimes several over the course of your production). You can write pages of your directorial vision, storylines, subplots and mission to change the world, but nothing takes the buyer straight to the heart of your film like a well shot pitch tape (also known as a teaser, sizzle, pilot or sample, depending on where you are in the world and the context in which you are pitching). But what makes a pitch tape effective?

Greenlit: Kate Humble – Into the Volcano, BBC2

Kate Humble – Into The Volcano (2 x 60′) – Presenter Kate Humble gets up very close and personal with two active volcanoes on islands in the South Pacific and finds out how inhabitants deal with living in such seemingly dangerous places, when she visits two of the 83 islands of Vanuatu which sit on […]

Greenlit: The Trip Advisors, ITV

The Trip Advisors (4 x 60′) – Our holidays are filled with jeopardy – from the things we can choose such as the travel, the accommodation and the food, to those we can’t like our relatives and the weather.  If it goes to plan the reward is lifelong happy memories – get it wrong and […]

Greenlit: Frances Atkins’ Autumn Feasts, Channel 4

Francis Atkins’ Autumn Feasts w/t (1 x 60′) –  Never before have we been keener to couple the elements of fine dining with a hearty approach and there’s one woman helping to lead the way. She’s one of Britain’s finest Michelin-starred chefs, heading up the kitchen of the award-winning Yorke Arms. We go behind the scenes and […]

Greenlit: Chug, Nat Geo

Chug (6 x 30′) – Is authentic Malaysian alcohol worth climbing a 50-foot coconut tree for? Is it possible to outdrink an Australian beer-guzzling legend? Or to survive jumping off a bar roof in Fiji on a dare? What about going shot-for-shot in an Austrian schnapps drink off? Probably not, but it’s certainly fun to […]

Greenlit: Leaving Alaska, TLC

Escaping Alaska (6 x ) – Docuseries that follows the fortunes of five young Alaskans of Inuit, Inupiaq and Yupik descent as they leave their homes for the first time to travel to sample the delights of the West Coast of America. Channel: TLC Producer: Hot Snakes Media TX: 27th July 2014 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Lucky Bastards, Esquire Network

 Lucky Bastards (10 x ) – Living in New York, you’ve got to have a great group of guy friends. We meet six men who, after decades of friendship, are right where they started: hanging out together and taking advantage of every opportunity New York City has to offer. The men are entrepreneurs, privileged ne’er-do-wells […]

Greenlit: One Night Stand With Annie Sibonney, Discovery World Canada, Discovery Asia

One Night Stand With Annie Sibonney (6 x 30′) -Food journalist Annie Sibonney hosts this food travel series in which she samples food from late night eateries in cities such as Tel Aviv, Barcelona and Montreal. Channel: Discovery World Canada / Discovery Asia (supported by the Rogers Cable Network Fund) Producer: Entertainment One Television TX: 22nd […]

Greenlit: Tutankhamun: The Mystery of the Burnt Mummy – Secret History, Channel 4

Tutankhamun: The Mystery of the Burnt Mummy – Secret History – Nearly a century after Howard Carter’s momentous discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, Egyptologist Dr Chris Naunton has returned to his personal hero’s vast excavation files. Hidden within Carter’s thousands of notes he has uncovered clues that point to a bizarre burning of the […]

Greenlit: Chow Masters, Travel Channel

Chow Masters (13 x 30′) – Chef Sammy DeMarco and best friend/Hollywood director Frank Coraci hit the road to find the tastiest and most creative comfort food in America. City by city, their quest takes them “off the map” searching for the three most innovative and delicious twists on comfort food classics. The chow buddies […]

Greenlit: Bigfoot Files, Channel 4

Bigfoot Files (3 x 60′) – Mark Evans, who sets off on a global quest to unlock the real story of Bigfoot. New DNA research on hair samples by Professor Bryan Sykes, a leading British geneticist, may reveal the answer to the centuries-old mystery of the Yeti: it is a genetic match to an ancient […]

Greenlit: Asteroids: Doomsday or Payday? PBS NOVA

Asteroids: Doomsday or Payday (1 x 60′) – The asteroid that exploded in the skies over Siberia injuring more than 1,000 and damaging buildings in six cities was a shocking reminder that Earth is a target in a cosmic shooting range. From the width of a football field to the size of a small city, these space rocks […]

How to Write a Proposal a TV Commissioner Will Actually Read

Commissioning editors can receive up to 80 programme proposals a week; few will be read from start to finish. Many commissioners never read past the first paragraph, or even the title. On average, they make a decision within 40 seconds. Usually that decision results in the proposal being filed in the bin.

So how can you make sure a commissioner keeps reading to the end of your proposal? Here are ten ways to make your proposal stand out and keep your commissioner reading to the end.

Greenlit: Food Fighters, NBC

Food Fighters – It’s the perfect recipe for the ultimate food battle when the best amateur cooks in America put their signature dishes to the test against six professional chefs in “this high-stakes culinary game. Television personality, author and food enthusiast Adam Richman hosts the series that takes culinary sparring to an exciting new level. […]

Greenlit: Burger Land, Travel Channel

Burger Land (11 x 30′) – From California to Connecticut, a great juicy hamburger is considered by all to be a classic American food. But burgers are not the same everywhere you go; from state to state, they all tell a different story. And no one understands this better than George Motz, a self-proclaimed hamburger […]

Greenlit: Adam Richman’s Fandemonium, Travel Channel

Adam Richman’s Fandemonium (aka Tailgate Takeover) (13 x 30′) –  Adam Richman is on a mission to find the wildest fan events in America and meet the fanatics of anything worshipped, watched or celebrated.  On his quest to discover the ultimate fans, Richman samples the tastiest foods, discovers the finest tailgate innovations and uncovers the […]

Greenlit: Emeril’s Florida, Cooking Channel

Emeril’s Florida (13 x 30′) – Chef Emeril Lagasse uncovers the authentic cuisine and unbeatable scenery that make the Sunshine State a hotspot for travelers and locals alike. Covering the state from Northwest Florida to Orlando and St. Petersburg-Clearwater to Miami and Palm Beach, Emeril not only reveals the delicious local cuisine, but steps into […]

Greenlit: Biggest and Baddest, Animal Planet Canada

Biggest and Baddest –  Canadian biologist and adventurer Niall McCann (PBS’s Lost in the Amazon) seeks out fantastic animals in far corners of the Earth, using every mode of transport available: by land, sea, on planes, in a Jeep, by canoe, and on elephant back. Working with locals, attack victims, big game hunters, and experts […]

Greenlit: The World According to Lance Armstrong, CNN

The World According to Lance Armstrong – Reported by Quentin McDermott, this riveting documentary details the case against cyclist Lance Armstrong, who has been accused of employing illegal doping to enhance his athletic performances.   McDermott reviews the origins of the suspicions of Armstrong’s usage of steroids, hormones, blood transfusions, and other performance enhancements, dating back […]

Greenlit: Chas & Dave – Last Orders, BBC4

Chas & Dave – Last Orders w/t (1 x 60′) –  They’ve toured with the Beatles, opened for Led Zeppelin and been sampled by the world’s leading hip-hop artists. Yet despite their surprising background at the very centre of fifty years of British pop, the real story of Chas and Dave has never been told […]

Greenlit: Evil I, Investigation Discovery

Evil I (12 x 30′) – Sourcing the most intimate and incriminating thoughts from the dark recesses of a murderer’s mind, this new series recounts real homicide investigations of the most horrific serial murderers. The storytelling techniques rely on the most visceral primary source there is: the killer, himself. Each episode possesses its own well-defined […]

Greenlit: I Cloned My Pet, TLC

I Cloned My Pet (1 x 60′) – Pets are beloved family members and having one pass away is a devastating moment. Now that the procedure to attain an exact clone of a pet dog has become available, the idea that someone can immortalize their furry loved one has become an attainable opportunity – but […]

Greenlit: Reza’s Africa, Food Network UK

Reza’s Africa w/t  (10 x 30′)  – Chef Reza Mahammad travels to Africa to sample Indian food across the continent. Channel: Food Network UK Producer: Rapid Blue TX: Late 2012 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Man, Fire, Food, Cooking Channel

Man, Fire, Food –  Roger Mooking (Everyday Exotic, Heat Seekers) explores cooking at its most basic as he features the cooks who take the fundamental formula of fire and food to make delicious culinary creations. Along the way, he samples fire-cooked favorites from local joints on backroads and byways from coast to coast. Channel: Cooking […]

Greenlit: Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America, Travel Channel

Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America  w/t  (10 x 30′ + 1 x 60′) – Adam Richman’s quest  to find the best thing since sliced bread ON sliced bread. Richman will sample the three most mouthwatering masterpieces a region has to offer, and then name one “supreme.” Channel: Travel Channel Producer: Sharp Entertainment TX: 6th […]

Greenlit: Rollin’ With Zac, OWN

Rollin’ With Zach (6 x 30′) – Zach Anner is obsessed with travel. In Rollin’ With Zach, he takes an authentic and often humorous approach to seeing the country.  Anner may have cerebral palsy, but that’s never stopped him!  In every episode, Anner explores a new city and conquers his “top five” list for the […]

Greenlit: The Hungry Sailors, ITV1

The Hungry Sailors (20 x 60′) –  Dick Strawbridge sails around the coast of Britain on a boat, mooring up to sample the cuisine of seaside towns and villages. Channel: ITV1 Producer: Denham Productions TX: Autumn 2011 Source: Broadcast

“Lab in a Chip” diagnoses HIV and TB

An international team of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, Dublin City University in Ireland and Universidad de Valparaíso Chile, has developed a self-powered chip that is able to process whole blood samples without the use of external tubing and extra components and can diagnose HIV and TV in minutes. Read more on the […]

Greenlit: America’s Best Bites, Tribune Broadcasting

America’s Best Bites ( x 30′) – Natalie Forte and Ted Brunson take tips from viewers via Facebook and Twitter for the best food in their area, and travel there to sample the ‘must-eat’ fare. Channel: WPIX-TV New York, KTLA-TV Los Angeles, WGN-TV Chicago Producer: Oak Brook Productions (Chicago) TX: Fall 2011 Source: C21

Tweeting Animals You Should Follow

Are you on Twitter? Obviously you should be following @tvmole on there but there are a number of (funnier, if less useful in an industry intelligence context) other animals you should also be following for those moments when you need a little light relief. Top tweeters include (feel free to add your own suggestions below): […]

Privates on Parade

In an attempt to preserve the modesty of travellers passing through body scanners, security expert Stephen Russell has invented underwear that blurs a persons genitals without compromising airport security. He partnered with Betabrand who recently advertised for “50 intrepid travelers to test-pilot prototypes of our Privates as part of our Privates Alpha Group. This elite, […]

Greenlit: Developing Factual/Reality TV Ideas From Concept to Pitch by Nicola Lees

There are some simple principles to successfully developing and pitching your ideas, whether you are working for a global ‘super-indie’ production company, or are a documentary filmmaker pitching a passion project. The extraordinary thing is that no one will tell you what they are! Greenlit is the first book to reveal, step-by-step, how to originate, develop and pitch your factual/non-scripted TV ideas in a global market.

Get insider tips from: * 10 TV development producers – who have a combined 50+ years experience of developing and pitching ideas at all levels; * 20 senior executives who have sold some of the world’s most successful shows, to: * 16 channel executives, who between them have worked at: * 18 TV channels in: * 7 countries across 4 continents.

Greenlit is available now from Amazon and all good bookstores.

Development and Pitching 101: Pitching

Two years ago, when I was writing Greenlit: Developing Factual/Reality TV Ideas From Concept to Pitch, I had to write a book proposal before I could submit my book to an agent. Knowing nothing about the world of publishing I bought a couple of books on proposal writing and studied them carefully and followed their advice to the letter.

While a TV proposal is no longer than one page (at least in the first instance), a book proposal runs to about 25 pages, plus sample chapters. At first glance, the two types of proposals seem like very different beasts, but as time went on, it became apparent that there are a lot of things we can learn from a book proposal that will help us with pitching TV ideas. (Photo by Tim Morgan CC BY 2.0)

Production Budget Template

Here is a sample production budget template (by lisaconnelly on Scribd): Documentary Budget Format Copyright: Attribution Non-commercial

Development and Pitching 101: How to Write a Nonfiction TV Proposal

Once you’ve developed your idea you need to commit it to paper. Although you might be itching to pitch your idea verbally, the process of writing it down can really help to flush out the flaws in your concept.

Although the pitching process often starts with a conversation, at some point you will need to submit a proposal, or longer treatment, before a contract agreement can be made with a channel so they can see exactly what they are committing to. And having a detailed written proposal creates a paper trail if you ever feel your idea has been ripped off. Click through to find out where to get sample proposals. (Photo by jm3 CC BY SA 2.0)

Stolen Recipes

The Stolen Supper Club is a London catering company that uses recipes from famous restaurants, such as Nobu, E&O, the Ivy and Marcus Waering. Every Monday, fifteen guests converge on Notting Hill, BYOB in hand, to sample the Stolen menu in return for a donation (approx. £30 depending on menu). Read a review in The […]

New from TVMole:

How to Get Your Ideas Commissioned – The Things No One Ever Teaches You The first idea I ever pitched, The Guinea Pig Club, was commissioned within about a week. Little did I know that it was the easiest commission I would ever get! I’ve since written more than 400 proposals and have been directly […]

Tips for Producing Archive Programmes (and Developing New Ones)

UK-based indie Testimony Films specializes in making documentaries about “people’s life stories”. They often do this by using rare archive film. Earlier this year, at the Broadcast Factual TV Forum, Steve Humphries, executive producer at Testimony Films outlined how he uses archive to such good effect in his documentaries. Click through to read his top tips and other ways to help you develop your factual programme ideas. (Photo by Atomicjeep CC BY 2.0)

Greenlit: Developing Factual/Reality TV Ideas From Concept to Pitch – Recommended Resources

Greenlit: Developing Factual/Reality TV Ideas from Concept to Pitch reveals how to get an idea for a documentary or non-fiction/reality television series such as Touching the Void, The Apprentice or Supernanny from concept to commission and explains why having a great idea is not enough. Candid interviews with fifty top industry insiders – including international […]

Greenlit: Developing Factual/Reality TV Ideas From Concept to Pitch – Filmography

Greenlit: Developing Factual/Reality TV Ideas from Concept to Pitch reveals how to get an idea for a documentary or non-fiction/reality television series such as Touching the Void, The Apprentice or Supernanny from concept to commission and explains why having a great idea is not enough. Candid interviews with fifty top industry insiders – including international […]

Greenlit: The Human Family Tree, National Geographic

The Human Family Tree (1×120′) – Kevin Bacon narrates this documentary that aims to trace the ancestral footsteps of humanity by taking DNA From 200 random strangers on a single street on a single day in one of the most diverse parts of the world – Queens, NY, and finding out if they have more […]

Nereus and the Mariana Trench

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Massachusetts, USA) scientists recently sent an unmanned robot down almost 11.000m into the Mariana Trench, where tectonic plates collide in the Pacific’s Ring of Fire. The robot, named Nereus, explored the trench for 10 hours, much longer than the two previous vehicles that made the trip. Nereus can operate remotely (joined […]