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Greenlit: Man vs. Expert, Discovery Networks International

Man vs Expert (6 x 60′) – Alexis Conran helps ordinary people beat experts at their own game. Channel: Discovery Networks International Producer: Magnum Media TX: Early 2015 Source: C21 Media

Greenlit: It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards, Spike TV

It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards (6 x 60′) – Wayne Wolfe has a shocking and terrible family secret. Less than a year ago, he discovered that his real grandfather was the deceased, convicted killer Ed Edwards. Possibly the most notorious serial killer in American history, he was convicted of five cold […]

Greenlit: Deadly Demands, Investigation Discovery

Deadly Demands (6 x  ) – Uses audio recordings, expert interviews and reconstruction to get behind the scenes of tense hostage negotiations. Channel: Investigation Discovery Producer: Sirens Media TX: 14th March 2016 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: First Humans: The Cave Discovery, PBS / Channel 4

First Humans: The Cave Discovery (1 x 60′) – A documentary following an astounding archaeological investigation that has discovered the remains of an entirely new species of human ancestor. It follows an expedition by an international team of experts, led by Professor Lee Berger from the University of Witwatersrand, as they recover bone fragments from […]

Greenlit: Hunt-Presented Hard Core, Sportsman Channel

Hunt-Presented Hard Core – Stripped of all the commercialization and graphics including epic slow motion shots, this show is solely focused on the hunt. Bone Collector Productions teamed up with Kevin Meachum, Chris Ashley, Keith Burgess and Cody Kelley to bring it back to the roots of the culture of the hunter in a cinematic, […]

Greenlit: Big Deer TV, Sportsman Channel

Big Deer TV – Everything that is good, genuine and honest in the deer-hunting world – is what Big Deer TV is all about. Veteran hunter Mike Hanback travels to all corners of North America in search of big, mature bucks. Viewers can expect heart-pounding action on every fair-chase hunt. The show focuses primarily on […]

Greenlit: Man vs Child: Chef Showdown, FYI

Man vs Child: Chef Showdown (14 x 60′) – Pits some of the world’s most talented young cooks against the very people they look up to – professionally trained, adult chefs. In each episode, a team of five child cooking prodigies – Cloyce (13), Holden (14), Emmalee (12), Dylan (11) and Estie (7) – will […]

Greenlit: Me and My Mania, Channel 4

Me and My Mania (2 x 60′) – Pyromania, kleptomania and nymphomania are all well-known conditions but what lies behind them? These films exame the lives of six people who have an uncontrollable urge to set fires, gamble, have sex, shop, steal or give in to bursts of anger. What connects these conditions is that […]

Greenlit: Choose Your Weapon, Sportsman Channel

Choose Your Weapon – Exploring the extremes and pushing the boundaries of equipment, methods, and disciplines to help hunters discover the right weapon for the right job. Hosts Jim Burnworth and Ray Bunney start each show by picking one animal or style of hunting then dig into the facts and myths surrounding their weapon choices. […]

In: John Hoffman, EVP Documentaries and Specials, Discovery Channel

John Hoffman has been appointed as Executive Vice President of Documentaries and Specials at Discovery Channel. Beginning immediately, Hoffman will be responsible and have oversight for all development activities in the alternative and specials area. He will produce original documentary programming from development through production, commission and acquire films and specials and be responsible for developing cross-platform […]

Greenlit: Bear Grylls: Man vs Everest, Discovery

Bear Grylls: Man Vs Everest (1 x 60′) – Bear Grylls hosts and narrates a documentary that features stories of the greatest Everest attempts and achievements over the years by climbers from all over the globe. Grylls speaks to climbers and support crews, Sherpas, journalist and experts. The show uses new archive footage and user-generated footage along with […]

Greenlit: Mansion Hunters, Reelz

Mansion Hunters (aka Mansion Matchmakers) – When Hollywood’s hot celebrities, production companies and fashion photographers need exclusive access to a luxurious mansion for work or play, there’s one man they call: Paul Kim. Paul started his Image Locations business with three maxed out credit cards and a single cell phone. It wasn’t long before Image […]

Greenlit: Is Amanda Knox Guilty? BBC3

Is Amanda Knox Guilty? (1 x 60′) –  A film on the latest twists and turns of the Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito trial –  the first TV documentary on the case since the second guilty verdict announced by an Italian judge on January 30. It features exclusive interviews with Stephanie and Lyle Kercher – Meredith’s […]

BBC Launches Expert Women YouTube Channel

The BBC has launched of a new resource for programme makers looking for female specialist contributors: the BBC Expert Women database and YouTube channel. The database contains details of the 60 women who have so far received training via BBC Academy Expert Women Days, a series of free events designed to address the lack of […]

Greenlit: Frankenstein: Building the Bionic Human, Channel 4

Frankenstein: Building the Bionic Human –  Scientists have long dreamt of creating an artificial human, while – for just as long – there have been warnings about the potential consequences.This summer’s Paralympics demonstrated just how far modern technology has come in its ability to replace body parts and even improve abilities, while developments in regenerative […]

Greenlit: Find Me My Man, Oxygen

Find Me My Man (aka Heart and Soul) – This unique new dating show centers on Miami’s exclusive matchmaking agency for urban professional women called “Heart & Soul International,” which is run by the outspoken and outrageous Natalie Clarice. Navigating the singles scene can be a daunting task, and Natalie’s clients are busy with progressive […]

Greenlit: Britain’s Wicca Man, Channel 4

Britain’s Wicca Man (1 x 60′) – Tells the extraordinary story of Britain’s fastest growing religious group – Wicca – modern pagan witchcraft – and of its creator, an eccentric Englishman called Gerald Gardner. Historian and leading expert in Pagan studies, Professor Ronald Hutton, explores Gardner’s story and experiences first hand Wicca’s growing influence throughout […]

Greenlit: Mankind: The Story of All of Us, History Channel

Mankind: The Story of All of Us (12 x 60′) – Documentary series that explores the history of the world starting with the Big Bang  – each international territory will get their own version. The series uses CGI, mixed with expertise from a range of academic disciplines, including geology, astronomy and history. Channel: History Channel […]

Greenlit: Britain’s Wicca Man, Channel 4

Britain’s Wicca Man w/t –  Tells the extraordinary story of Britain’s fastest growing religious group – Wicca – modern pagan witchcraft – and of its creator, an eccentric Englishman called Gerald Gardner. Historian and leading expert in Pagan studies, Professor Ronald Hutton, explores Gardner’s story and experiences first hand Wicca’s growing influence throughout Britain today. […]

Greenlit: NRA’s Guns and Gold, Sportsman Channel

NRA’s Guns and Gold  – Reveals the fascinating and entertaining true stories of treasured firearms in an Antiques Road Show style format. Experience the excitement – or disappointment – as collectors learn the real value of their possessions – including a $100,000 Winchester. This new series features everyday people who discover their old firearm is […]

Greenlit: Amanda Knox: The Untold Story, Channel 5

Amanda Knox: The Untold Story (1 x 60′) – Documentary that uses reconstructions, interviews with experts and previously unseen footage to tell the story of the trial, conviction and acquittal of American Amanda Knox after the murder of British student Meredith Kercher in Italy. Channel: Channel 5 Producer: Cineflix / ITN Productions TX: TBC Source: […]

Greenlit: To the Manor Reborn, BBC1

To The Manor Reborn (4 x 60′) –  Presented by Penelope Keith and Paul Martin, To The Manor Reborn will see a team of historians, experts, and volunteers refurbishing 500-year-old Avebury Manor in Wiltshire, putting the country house in to a national, historic perspective. From the age of Elizabeth I through to the eve of […]

Getting Rid of the Man Boobs

Breast reduction surgery is booming – at least for British men. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons there’s been an 80% increase in moobectomies (that’s not an official technical term, in case you were wondering) in the last year. Experts blame the increase on too many pies and not enough exercise. Read […]

Periodic Table of Experts

If you are looking for interesting experts (or interesting websites), check out Make: Technology on Your Time, which has a series of experts explaining their passions. Watch Bruce Hood from the University of Bristol talk about the supernatural: or Fiorenzo Omenetto, a professor of biomedical engineering at Tufts University who loves silk: or Theodore Gray […]

Greenlit: In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman, OWN

In the Bedroom With Dr. Laura Berman w/t (x 60′) talk show led by radio host and sex therapist/relationship expert Laura Berman Channel: OWN Producer: Harpo Productions TX: 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Interview: Claire Richmond of findaTVexpert.com

Are you looking for the perfect host for your programme idea? findaTVexpert.com is an online database of experts. It’s free to search and it’s a fast way to find TV-friendly experts, from architects to zoologists and everyone in between: pig farmers, marine biologists, funeral celebrants, doctors, dentists, designers, barristers, lifecoaches, hat makers, shoe makers and cocktail shakers. Ex-Changing Rooms and Ready, Steady, Cook producer Claire Richmond explains why she set it up […]

How to Find an Expert

Need to find an expert? Live Person has 30,000 ‘ready to chat’ live online, from lawyers to doctors to psychics. It costs from $0.50 – $2 per minute to seek the advice of someone. This could be a good place to hunt for new onscreen talent, but there’s probably a bigger story here…. have a […]

Greenlit: Sacred, PBS

Sacred (1 x feature-length) – Documentary that explores religious ritual at birth, adolescence, marriage, aging and other key milestones of human life. The film is an experiment: a sweeping global film for which the director, Academy Award® winner Thomas Lennon, never once left his office in New York, instead commissioning or sourcing contributions from top […]

Greenlit: Until Proven Innocent, Investigation Discovery

Until Proven Innocent (1 x 120′) – Hannah Overton is a mother, a woman of God, a former nurse and, in Texas’s prison system, known as Overton 1478117. In October 2006, a four-year-old from Corpus Christi named Andrew Burd died mysteriously of salt poisoning. Overton, his foster mother, was charged with capital murder, vilified from […]

Greenlit: Patient 31, Channel 4

Patient 31 w/t (1 x 60′) – Mark Lewis, one of Britain’s top super lawyers might have taken on the world’s most powerful media mogul but can he do the same to Multiple Sclerosis? Filmed over the course of a year with exclusive access, this film will follow the progress of high-profile media, libel and […]

Greenlit: The Toy Box, ABC

The Toy Box –  The ultimate toy-competition series, providing talented designers with the chance of a lifetime: an opportunity to bring their toy concept to life with industry giant Mattel. The toys – and their inventors – are put through a series of trials and tests before facing the ultimate judges: a panel of no-nonsense, […]

Greenlit: Britain’s Most Evil Killers, Pick

Britain’s Most Evil Killers (12 x 60′) – Examines some of the most dangerous and prolific murderers in the UK, uncovering what drove them to commit such heinous crimes. The series focuses on notorious killers such as Fred and Rose West, Beverley Allitt and many more who made headline news whilst evoking fear and fascination […]

Greenlit: HyperNormalisation, BBC iPlayer

HyperNormalisation – Director Adam Curtis tells the extraordinary story of how we got to this strange time of great uncertainty and confusion – where those who are supposed to be in power are paralysed – and have no idea what to do. And, where events keep happening that seem inexplicable and out of control – […]

Greenlit: World’s Most Evil Killers, Pick

World’s Most Evil Killers (8 x 60′) – Examines some of the most dangerous and prolific murderers in the world, uncovering what drove them to commit such heinous crimes. The series focuses on notorious killers such as Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer, and many more who made headline news whilst evoking fear and fascination in the […]

Greenlit: Conviction: Murder At The Station, BBC2

Conviction: Murder At The Station (2 x 60′) – Follows a team of experts as they investigate whether evidence exists that could challenge the conviction of a man in prison for a murder he denies. Every year, over 500 people in the UK are convicted of murder. A guilty verdict can only be challenged if new […]

Greenlit: Everest Air, Travel Channel

Everest Air (6 x 60′) – Standing at a jaw-dropping 29,029 feet above sea level, Mount Everest is the climber’s trophy that many, including a high-altitude rescue team led by Jeff Evans – an Everest expert mountaineer, adventurer and medic – have dared impossible missions to conquer.  This series charts the real-life experiences and adventures […]

Greenlit: America’s Worst Bakers, Food Network

America’s Worst Bakers –  Duff Goldman and Lorraine Pascale have drafted twelve of the most disastrous bakers in the country for a grueling baking boot camp. The two stars of sweets attempt to mold these masters of cake-wrecks and colossal cookie-fails until one vastly-improved wannabe baker rises to the level of pastry perfection.  The talentless bakers […]

Greenlit: WWII’s Most Daring Raids, Smithsonian Channel

WWII’s Most Daring Raids (6 x 60′) – Explores some of the most dangerous and remarkable commando raids of the war. It goes into the heart of the action with elite Allied soldiers facing deadly odds to pull off missions that can change the course of the war. Through first person testimony, cinematic reconstructions, expert […]

Greenlit: Hunting Nazi Treasure, History

Hunting Nazi Treasure – Investigative television series in which a team of present-day investigators led by Robert M. Edsel, Founder and Chairman of the Monuments Men Foundation for the Preservation of Art, and the author of the New York Times #1 Bestselling book-turned-movie The Monuments Men.  Joining Edsel on the team are investigative journalist Conor […]

Greenlit: Hollywood Homicide Uncovered, Reelz

Hollywood Homicide Uncovered ( x 60′) –  A documentary series that relives the intense stories of horrific homicides where a celebrity is at the center of the crime. Each episode uncovers key information and clues showing viewers the case through dramatic recreations and adding details and insight from crime experts and individuals with a direct […]

Greenlit: Kiss Bang Love, FYI

Kiss Bang Love (10 x 60′) – Singles searching for love will participate in a new social experiment to find their match based on blindfolded kissing. The series is hosted by Married at First Sight relationship and communication expert, Rachel DeAlto, who will provide guidance and advice to the singles throughout the experiment. Each episode […]

Greenlit: Celebs Go Dating, E4

Celebs Go Dating – Six lovelorn celebrities will be on the market and off the shelf, as they desperately seek a soulmate in this new show that follows the nightly dates of some of our best-loved and lonely stars as they try to find a non-celebrity love match. After failing to find love in their […]

Greenlit: Then Comes Marriage? RTÉ2

Then Comes Marriage? (6 x 60′) –  First comes love… Then Comes Marriage? How ready are you to say ‘I do’? Every couple plans the flowers, the food, the perfect venue – but, does anyone really plan for the marriage? This series gives three couples the opportunity to prepare for their future life together at […]

Making Factual Special

What makes specialist factual special? How can broadcasters make it relatable? How do we best use talent? To what extent can broadcasters take risks and what kind of special factual content punches through? These were just some of the key questions in the Specialist Factual session at Sheffield Doc/Fest chaired by filmmaker and journalist Ruth Pitt. (Photo courtesy of Sheffield Doc/Fest – Jacqui Bellamy)

Greenlit: Nazi Secret Files, American Heroes Channel

Nazi Secret Files (6  x) – Adolf Hitler is one of the world’s most terrifying—and most studied—historical figures. But there is still much to know about this deadly dictator. This series examines newly-discovered information about Hitler and those close to him during the Nazi reign—from exposing the huge drug program that fueled the Nazi war machine, to […]

Greenlit: Hell Below, Smithsonian Channel

Hell Below (6 x 60′) – Charts the stealthys game of undersea warfare from the greatest submarine campaigns of World War II. It profiles the strategic masterminds behind the brutal tactics of Nazi U – boats and reveals the extraordinary feats of Allied subs in the Atlantic and Pacific. Both the Axis and Allies employed […]

Greenlit: Secrets of America’s Favorite Places, Discovery Family Channel

Secrets of America’s Favorite Places (8 x ) –  Was the Statue of Liberty actually modeled after a man? Why was the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco nearly painted with yellow and black stripes that resembled a bumble bee? Does the U.S. government even own the land on which Mount Rushmore sits? Is there […]

Greenlit: Big Life Fix, BBC2

Big Life Fix w/t (3 x 60′)  – This new transformational science series follows a group of designers, engineers, programmers and tech experts as they face the challenge of coming up with innovative interventions that will transform the lives of people all over the UK. From a man with locked-in syndrome who wants to communicate […]

Greenlit: Homestead Rescue, Discovery Channel

Homestead Rescue – In the last decade, two million Americans have attempted to leave behind civilization in favor of life off-the-grid – but most have failed. For the hundreds of families who decide to become homesteaders, the learning curve is a steep one. In this series struggling homesteaders across the country are turning expert homesteader […]

Greenlit: Streets of Compton, A&E

Streets of Compton (3 x 60′) – The city of Compton has become a pop culture lightning rod from the musical influences of superstar hip hop artists and rappers like NWA, The Game and Kendrick Lamar telling their personal stories of survival in one of the roughest cities in the nation. But few people know […]