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Greenlit: The Garden – Life and Death on your Doorstep, BBC4

The Garden – Life and Death on your Doorstep (1 x 90′) –  Take a typical English garden, complete with a lawn, flowerbeds, trees, pond and compost heap. It’s a familiar setting . . . or so you might think. Look a little closer and you’ll discover a microcosm of Planet Earth – where life and death struggles between predator and prey rival the dramas that play out on the African Savannah. It’s an extraordinary world where every form of life – from the plants in the ground to the birds in the trees – is delicately balanced.

Presenter Chris Packham follows the action as it unfolds over an entire year in four neighbouring English back gardens in Welwyn Garden City. The multiple cameras will reveal compelling natural history and hands-on science.

The hidden camera-rig will capture the constantly changing cast of critters that come and go throughout the year, and reveal the secret drama that takes place unnoticed in gardens all around the country.

Platform: BBC4

Producer: Windfall Films


Source: BBC press release


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