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Greenlit: People’s History Of Pop: 1986-1996: All Together Now, BBC4

People’s History Of Pop: 1986-1996: All Together Now (1 x 60′) – Lauren Laverne celebrates the decade 1986-1996, when music had the power to unite fans – even sworn rivals – like never before. It’s a decade that starts with a turn to the alternative, even among the fans of mega pop bands.

She hears from Depeche Mode fans who were invigorated by the band’s darker sounds in Black Celebration – and have saved a lot of memorabilia from the gigs they went to see back then. The programme will also hear from a fan of hip hop who discovered a burgeoning UK hip hop scene when he moved to London and shares footage of his friends MCing and DJing at home.

In 1988, the acid house wave hit and the show will meet those who lived through it and loved it. They have saved flyers and photos from the halcyon days of raving that completely changed their lives, including one man who went from football hooligan to raver to club promoter. Out of the clubs came mega pop bands. The programme meets an avid Take That fan who bought every type of merchandise she could as a teenager – saving pretty much all of it. Another fan takes viewers back to the site of her first ever Blur gig in 1994 and the show finishes talking to fans of the most successful girl group of all time – Spice Girls.

Pop treasures uncovered along the way include one of the first Hacienda membership cards, covered with signatures of Hacienda dignitaries, from New Order to Dave Haslam, A Guy Called Gerald, Bez and of course Tony Wilson. The programme also meets a club promotor who shares rare footage of one of The Prodigy’s early rave-inspired gigs. And Lauren also meets someone with a rare Oasis demo tape from a gig at the Boardwalk, Manchester in January 1992.

Platform: BBC4

TX: November 2016

Source: BBC press release


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