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Greenlit: Britain in Focus: A Photographic History, BBC4

Britain in Focus: A Photographic History w/t (3 x 60′) – Leading photographer and picture editor Eamonn McCabe explores the fascinating and remarkable story of British photography, from the rapid innovation of Roger Fenton in the Golden Age of the 19th century, to the satirical eye of Martin Parr in the 21st. He examines the profound technical and scientific changes that have allowed iconic images to be produced, chronicles the rise of a mass democracy of picture taking, and reflects on the changing way we have consumed photographs.Throughout this three-part documentary series Eamonn sees how the art form has developed, examining some of the unforgettable images from pioneers of British photography, including Julia Margaret Cameron, Fay Godwin, Cecil Beaton, Christina Broom, John Bulmer and Vanley Burke. From the first “big bangs” of photographic development and early technology, through to the impact that captured images had on the development of journalism, photography emerged as both an art-form and a tool for reflecting and recording the world around us.

The programme will also look forward to the future of the medium – and how in the hands of a new generation of photographers, a thoroughly 21st century British photography is being created.

Platform: BBC4


Source: BBC press release


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