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Greenlit: Nicholas Parsons and The Incredible Story of Marie Antoinette’s Watch, BBC4

Nicholas Parsons and The Incredible Story of Marie Antoinette’s Watch (1 x 60′) – Nicholas Parsons celebrates a great master of the timepiece, Abraham Louis Breguet, as he goes in search of the most expensive and exquisite watch ever made.

The Marie-Antoinette, also known as The Queen, is a case watch designed by Breguet. With its value estimated at up to $100m, it remains the most valuable watch in the world. Like the Mona Lisa, it has been stolen and restored and today is displayed behind bullet-proof glass – an icon of sophistication, elegance, innovation, science and engineering.

As part of his exploration of the wonderful world and works of Breguet, Nicholas Parsons travels to Paris to see some of the brilliant works by this master craftsman. The highlight of his journey is a trip to Israel to see the Marie-Antoinette itself, held in the L.A. Mayer Institute for Islamic Art’s clock department. Here the master of Just A Minute gets a chance few have ever been afforded – to hold in his hand the most precious timepiece on the planet.

This film charts Breguet’s astonishing story. It celebrates his work, coveted and collected today by the richest people and the greatest museums on earth. It is a tale that begins in Revolutionary France and involves Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, his Queen Josephine – and is still unfolding today.

Platform: BBC4

Producer: IWC Media


Source: BBC press release


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