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Greenlit: The Protestor, BBC4

The Protestor (1 x 60′) – Bob and Roberta Smith, the artist best known for eye-catching placards with slogans like Make Art Not War, was starting to lose faith in the power of protest. But this year, his cynicism has been put to the test as the world has exploded in popular protest. From Brexit to Black Lives Matter, old to young, right to left, rich to poor – it seems that the world is reclaiming its right to protest.

In this documentary, Bob sets out to discover what makes a modern protestor. A wry, opinionated and passionate investigation into this age of activism, the film is also a very personal chronicle of a summer of popular revolt.

From the dramatic scenes of the Republican National Convention just days after the killing of three police officers, to meeting a group of Lancashire pensioners fighting fracking in Yorkshire, Bob travels among this international tribe of protestors, asking whether occupations, direct action, protest concerts and endless marches ever actually achieve anything.

Platform: BBC4


Source: BBC press release


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