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Greenlit: Peter York’s The Hipster Handbook, BBC4

Peter York’s The Hipster Handbook (1 x 60′) – Presented by cultural commentator Peter York, this authored documentary looks at the rise of the hipster and how this phenomenon has changed the world around us. Through his exploration of the hipster movement, Peter reveals a society desperate for the authentic and big businesses that are appropriating ‘authenticity’ in order to sell it back to us.

The term hipster has become popular as a movement and has developed into a higher quality alternative to mass market consumerism. Peter York uses his marketing expertise and unique wit to investigate this bearded cultural tribe and make sense of what it all means. Travelling to London and the birth place of the hipster, New York, Peter examines everything from their iconic fashion and the small industry of artisanal craft producers, to the big backlash against all things hipster.

The film delves into the complexity of the authentic versus the inauthentic, and how hipsters battle with the mainstream to reclaim the values and trends they have created.

Platform: BBC4

Producer: Mentorn Media / Moore Television


Source: BBC press release


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