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Greenlit: Hip Hop World News, BBC4

Hip Hop World News (1 x 90′) –  British rapper Rodney P sets out to show what the world looks like when it is seen through the lens of Hip Hop. In doing so, Rodney reveals a compelling and fascinating alternative version of reality, from the perspective of a culture which was created by poor people with nothing and has evolved into a world-dominating cultural powerhouse.

As a culture which has reportage, debate and social commentary at its core, Hip Hop is unique among musical genres in providing a continuous soundtrack to world events over the last four decades. Whether it’s chronicling life on the streets or offering a surprising twist on global events, this musical force has given a voice to the powerless and dispossessed while also acting as a platform for ideas, opinions and sometimes controversial theories to be shared and exchanged amongst its millions of followers.

Looking at big issues such as Power, Conspiracy, Education and Money from a Hip Hop point of view, Hip Hop World News also tackles issues like police brutality, extreme language and the role of women in a culture some see as misogynistic, to provide a fascinating take on what the world really looks like with a Hip Hop state of mind.

Platform: BBC4


Source: BBC press release



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