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Greenlit: The Art Detectives, BBC4

The Art Detectives (3 x 60′)Historian and art dealer Dr Bendor Grosvenor and art historian Jacky Klein track down lost and hidden public paintings from local museums and galleries across Britain.

Scouring public museums and great houses across the country, the duo will delve deep into vaults and storerooms to reveal secret stashes of forgotten art – and perhaps even some sleeping masterpieces. A specialist conservation team will use cutting-edge technology to decode and restore the pieces while providing clues for Bendor and Jacky to identify the pictures. Criss-crossing the country, the team will solve the provenance of the artworks before they are valued and hung back in their museums, in pride of place, for the nation to enjoy.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: Tern TV

TX: 2016

Source: BBC press release


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