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Greenlit: Skinhead, BBC4

Skinhead  (1 x 60′) – Don Letts embarks on a personal journey through the evolution of one of Britain’s most notorious subcultures – Skinhead. Delving into his cultural past, Don explores the social impact the Skinhead movement has had across music, style and culture, meeting people along the way, including those who adopted the Skinhead uniform and others who represent the polar opposite of everything he believes in.
Filled with nostalgia, the film revisits the era when it all began – the 1960’s, a period in which Don first became acquainted with
Skinhead, when they shared a love of Jamaican music and style. As he fondly looks back at the birth of the SKA sound and scene, he recalls this time as a period of genuine togetherness, dictated by stylish prizing rare records, cool dance moves and classy clothes.
The film depict  the shift in the Skinhead movement; from a harmonious subgroup to that of a threatening and bigoted subculture in the 1970’s and 1980’s, steeped in far right politics and violence. The film then brings viewers back to the modern day, exploring the legacy and stigma associated with Skinheads today. From Moscow homophobes and American white power prisoners, to Italian fascists revivalists, German neo Nazis – all of which have appropriated the symbols and style of Skinhead.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: 7 Wonder


Source: 7 Wonder press release


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